Both the US and EU warehouses have slowly started to roll out web store orders. Depending on your location, please give 7 - 14 days for orders to arrive.

These are just finishing up production. We hope to get these shipped to customers by mid to late July.

Please send an email to with the issue. Pictures also help a lot.

Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1
KS1 Promo Pack

Art Book 1


Extra Dice

1.1 Update Pack

1.1 Rule Book

1.1 Adventure Book

Casual Nightingale Resin Kit

Casual Zeke Resin Kit

Casual Remi Resin Kit

Casual Rook and Suri Resin Kit

The Coven Mother Resin Kit

Girtiya Resin Kit

Count Dalv Resin Kit

Lymn Resin Kit

Circe Resin Kit

Tomoe Resin Kit

Middara Unintentional Malum: Acts 2 + 3

Pirates of Elenia

Trail of a Princess

Cave Sickle Queen Bounty Pack

The Pit Boss Bounty Pack

The Collector Bounty Pack

Silvia Day 1 Miniature

Art Book 2

Alernate Antagonists

KS2 Promo Box

There is some confusion as we have told backers to “replace all their cards” from the first campaign with the cards in the Update Pack. The problem is that the Update Pack doesn’t include replacement cards for the Promo Box Pirates cards.

We will be replacing these cards in Wave 2’s Update Pack so I just tell them to hang on to all the Pirates cards for now.

This article will help.

We will unlock the PM before Wave 2 ships and allow everyone to change their address.

Yes, we will be reopening the pledge manager for Wave 2 when we get closer to the delivery of those products. We estimate unlocking the pledge manager somewhere between Q4 of 2021 and Q1 of 2022. You do not need to be a backer for this.


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We are just waiting for our fulfillment depots to report the quantities of the KS1 Promo Pack and the Art Book and then we'll put them up for sale. Shooting for early July.

Same as above, once we get our inventory counts, we will restock these.

There will be no customs fees for EU customers. It may vary based on any other region.

July 2021

For logistical reasons, we packaged the resin models separate from the resin kit boxes. Please make sure to check your entire parcel for the small box with all the resin miniatures in it.

If this box is indeed missing, we will be happy to send you a replacement.

August / September 2021