Lupercalia Pack

Lupercalia beckons.

Through decadence and debauchery these lustful figures can be called from the depths of Earth’s history. Espers made manifest only through esoteric quiet whispers shared amongst the elite.

Such coveted creatures are called upon for far more than combat. Yet, their true names and seals are clutched closely to the hearts of those who covet them most. Jealousy worms its way into the heart, and rots at the very soul of those who know these secret combinations.

Those lucky few able to overhear their betters slip such forbidden knowledge during inebriated tales of past forays find themselves more than excited to let their soul wear away at the chance to even behold such monstrosities.

Lupercalia Pack
An exceptionally detailed resin model of The Lupercalia Pack. This Resin Kit provides options for a new Espers that can be summoned by Adventurers and Opponents as well as a new Adventurers that can be used during the Crawl Mode.

This resin kit includes 3x Lupercalia miniatures on 25mm bases, 3x Adventurer card, 3x Loyal Esper Cards, 3x Opposing Esper Cards, 7x Initiative Cards, 4x Item Cards, and an Art card.

Requires assembly.