1.1 Update Pack, Pledge Manager, and Etched Dice!

August 09, 2019 4 min read

1.1 Update

We've got our 1.1 Update beta information packet updated. This is our way of keeping track of what has changed. It's also serving as a way for us to show you our road map to completion. In addition to this packet we have uploaded the files we currently have available for playtest/feedback. This includes the newest Rule Book, Non-Hidden Intelligent Combatant Cards, Loyal Espers, Conduit Cards, the Disciplines Cards, Exalted Espers, Quick Reference Cards, Familiars, the new Item Upgrades, and a printout of the new token sheet. 

We will be uploading the following files on the following dates: 


  • Hidden Cards (avoid these if you are weary of spoilers.)
  • Beta Alternate Tag Antagonists (These are all the scaling baddies that add significant difficulty to our game.)
  • Non-Hidden Adventurer Cards (Specifically changes from Flight and a buff to Rook.)


  • Item Cards (These are for every tier and reflect every change we've made.)


  • Promotional Cards (These are for every promotional Card we changed released on the first Kickstarter)
  • Adventure Book Changes (This sheet is included in the Update Pack and includes all the changes made to the Adventure Book. Luckily, it's very little.)
  • Feedback poll posted


  • Feedback poll closed & final files delivered to our manufacturer


  • Final Document Uploaded (This will be a free all-in-one updated print and play for the Update Pack.)

Any feedback you have, or errors you find please report to Feedback@succubuspublishing.com.

Brooklynn will be putting out a quick video next Friday with some general information for those who do not want to read our massive document and would rather just watch or listen to a quick video that covers the general basics. 

You can find a link to the downloads here

Important Pledge Manager Dates!

Monday 8/12/2019

On Monday we will be sending out a pledge manager "smoke test" to a random 5% of our backers. This is to catch any issues that may occur and get feedback from a small percentage of you before we launch.

Tuesday 8/13/2019 - 10/15/2019

On this coming Tuesday we will be opening up the pledge manager to all! We will be allowing late pledges in this time frame, and for all intents and purposes, these two months will essentially be an extension of our campaign. You can expect the same discounts and the same add-ons as were offered on the campaign!

We may throw in some extra goodies throughout these two months as well. We will announce these through an update if and when we do.

After October 15th, we will be transitioning into a more formal pre-order (still using BackerKit) and the prices across the board will be going up. Production will start shortly thereafter and we will be well on our way to hitting our delivery deadlines. Product will be limited after this!

IMPORTANT: All resin kits will be unavailable for purchase after October 15th so snag them while you can!

Kickstarter Shipping Plan

As you all know, we will be shipping in two separate Waves. Wave 1 is set to deliver in May of 2020 and Wave 2 is set to deliver in December of 2021.

We've been working with BackerKit to find the best way to make this work and we've come up with a solution.

For full pledges, you will be charged for Wave 1 shipping upon checkout. You will not need to pay for Wave 2 shipping until we are preparing to ship that Wave (sometime in 2021). At that time, an add-on will be placed in your cart with the Wave 2 shipping balance. This balance will vary depending on your region and the pledge level you've backed.

Doing it this way saves us a lot of time and money in back-end development from BackerKit's programming team.

You can see all the specifics in the image below. 

Click to enlarge!
Click to enlarge!

 * Countries included in this region: 

Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Phillipines, and Macao

** Wave 2 shipping prices are estimates and are subject to change.


Our add-ons section will be broken up in to two separate categories:


These add-ons are just additional pledge levels that include everything in their respective tier. They also include all the promo swag.

They include:

Through The Portal - $115

Returning To The Portal - $175

All 3 Acts - $275

Returning To The Portal (With Swag) - $300

Through The Portal (With Swag) - $500

Shipping for these will be charged in the same way as a regular pledge. Wave 1 up front and Wave 2 later on.


For these additional add-ons, we will be charging a worldwide flat rate price depending on the size of the item. You can see a visual representation below.

IMPORTANT : For simplicity, we will be charging shipping for these add-ons up front, regardless of the Wave they are being shipped on. 

Core Game / Retail Option

We've had tons of retailers ask us if we can offer any discounts on our pledge levels. The truth is, this Kickstarter campaign is the deal. The prices are already so discounted that we are unable to go lower without hurting our margin.

We are offering somewhat of a solution to this.

Included in the "ADD-ONS" category, we will have an add-on that includes the Core Game by itself for $100. Shipping for this add-on will be the same as the Through The Portal Wave 1 prices shown in the chart above. No Wave 2 shipping will be required.

IMPORTANT: This add-on will not include the KS2 Promo Box.

We've found that many retailers just want to test the market with Core Game before they really dive into everything else. This is our way of trying to offer a discount where we can.

Etched Dice

The Etched Dice from our first campaign are ready to ship! We're working out the shipping logistics with our fulfillment center now to get these moving and into the hands of the backers that purchased them!

We ended up with quite a surplus of these dice and we will most likely be throwing these up onto the pledge manager for anyone else that wants a set! These will be very limited.

Because they are already produced, the purchase of these will function like any other ecommerce store and will be shipped out immediately.

Each set of 17 dice will cost $20.

Thanks for checking our update!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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