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Day 10: Old Promises, Promotional Balance, a Ninja, and a Bulky Sheath!

February 25, 2021 4 min read

The Missing Piece

As some of you may know, we had some trouble with our etched dice on our first campaign. Our backers are even still waiting on the delivery of these specialized dice. Due to our lack of knowledge in the field, specifications on the size colors, and etching, it ended up being very difficult to get these things created. For these reasons we didn't want to offer them on this campaign. 

However, with that said, we've been working with local dice companies to come up with solutions. Gravity Dice was able to successfully produce something that met our specifications and expectations of quality. 

With production paid for, our plan is to get outstanding deliveries squared up. While we do not feel comfortable putting these dice on this Kickstarter campaign (as adding new items unplanned has gotten us into financial trouble in the past.) We will be offering these dice as a pre-order directly on our web site when our web store goes live. That way, new backers and old backers who missed out will be able to pre-order these and receive them post production.

More information about these dice will be offered later on during this campaign when we've confirmed specifics we want to share.  

Currently we plan on having our web store up sometime just after our campaign ends. We'll keep everyone updated and make sure you get notified.

Promotional Items & Balance

We had been pretty candid that the promotional Items from our first campaign weren't properly playtested. We wanted to be equally candid that Items on this campaign will be. In fact, we plan on replacing any old promotional Items that needed changes in the 1.1 Update Pack. These changes will also be reflected in Pirate of Elenia and the Promo Pack. 

So if you see anything weird on these decision Items, go ahead and let us know in the comments. They are alpha versions of cards that haven't hit our table yet, so they are subject to changes if we find something too abusable. With that said, we'll try our hardest to keep the feel and intent of the Items as close as possible to the original designs. You voted for them after-all. 

Zoomable Journal Pages

The Journal Pages were too small to read on some mobile devices. We've added some zoomable links below: 

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5

Ezra hit the ground hard. "Damn, I really thought I had you that time." He groaned, sitting up and rubbing at his back.

Zafir looked serious as always. "Get up. Let's go again." A hint of a grin cracked the corner of his stoic facade. "You'll have to be better than this if you expect to fight against the god-like bastards in the Council of Abhorrence. They won't let you walk away from a confrontation."

Ezra nodded as he got to his feet. He loved to train with Zafir. It was grueling, and he always hurt like hell the next morning, but that's how you make progress. Zafir never held back, either. If Ezra wasn't on his toes, Zafir wouldn't hesitate to make him pay for it. Ezra didn't mind though, a few bruised ribs was a small price to pay to survive a real battle later on. 

Ezra had watched Zafir with admiration since he joined the Anointed. His passion and prowess convinced Ezra that this was a cause worth fighting for, and that they could prevail. He hadn't ever had anything to work for before the Anointed found him. He'd take odd jobs or do some salvaging in the ruins around Elenia, but that was just to get by. Now, he lived for something greater than himself. 

He had found his meaning.

Zafir seemed to sense this about him, and had agreed to train with him personally, teaching him combat and survival skills. Zafir had lived much longer than Ezra, who was quite young by Middara's standards, and Ezra took great pleasure in hearing about Zafir's life and adventures. 

Ezra went on the attack again, throwing a feint jab and following it up with a swift strike that caught Zafir in the stomach. In response, Zafir dropped into a roll, sweeping a leg out from under Ezra. It seemed that each time Ezra got a small victory over him, Zafir would quickly even the score. 

He smiled. 

It looked like he'd just have to work that much harder.

We'll likely find a more dynamic pose for this. Something nin nin.
We'll likely find a more dynamic pose for this. Something nin nin.

For our Day 10 unlock, we will be adding a figure to the KS2 Promo Box for the Ezra Standee, featured in Unintentional Malum: Act 1. 

To be clear, this miniature is part of the KS2 Promo Box and is being given away for free as part of every pledge level at the "Through the Portal" level or higher. 

The cardboard standee version that is already a part of the contents of Unintentional Malum: Act 1 will remain a standee. 

(We're fixing this typo)
(We're fixing this typo)

A decisive blow! 

The community has chose a sheath for a bulky, yet powerful weapon! 

Nyx Gains the Common Relic Drop-Leg Sheath

(And so do you as a Free Upgrade to the KS2 Promo Box!)

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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