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Day 20: Translation News and Preparing for a Fight!

July 13, 2019 2 min read


Alex here!

Since the launch of this campaign, we’ve seen an extraordinary interest in having Middara printed in multiple languages. From Spanish to Chinese and everything in between.

Every suggestion is taken to heart. Of course we’d love to provide Middara in all these languages, why wouldn’t we? We want everyone to enjoy the world and game that we’ve created. 

It really just comes down to what Brooklynn and I feel comfortable with and what we’re confident that we can deliver on. This campaign has a lot on it! Completing everything in English is already a task! But to translate and print everything in 4+ different languages just seems unrealistic for our current team and schedule.

We’d hate to delay delivery because we are stuck trying to coincide printing schedules with multiple publishers. It’s simply a huge shift in our business plan that we can’t commit to for this campaign.

But we don’t want to leave our foreign backers completely empty-handed. Today we want to provide something for them.

We’ve decided to move forward with having the Adventure Book for Act 1 translated in its entirety into the following languages:

Spanish, German, Italian, and French
Spanish, German, Italian, and French

These translations will be available in PDF format and will be downloadable for free on our website for all to enjoy. This is essentially what we promised on our first campaign and we'd like to at least honor that.

After our previous campaign, we now know what kind of work is truly involved with this project and we will be hiring help to make these PDFs a reality.

We’ve been given timelines by our team of translators and we can safely say that we’ll have these translations completed by the delivery of Wave 1 in May of 2020.

It may not be the same as a full game in your native language, but we hope it's a good start for allowing our foreign backers to enjoy Middara and become immersed in the world.

In the meantime, here are a few things to sink your teeth into.

Below is the homepage of a fully-voiced over Italian version of Chapter 1 of Act 1.

You can find the table of contents in the description of the video here.

And here you can find the text document of Chapter 1 completely translated into Spanish.

And now.. Onward to the daily unlock! 

The community has chosen to FIGHT THE WITCH! Your choice will ring through the rest of this campaign as our story diverges into some exciting new decisions!   

For now, our heroes hang onto their keepsakes. (And you do too! The Unique Mundane Relic Christopher Amaya's Locket and the Unique Rare Core Ai Chen's Silly Sentient Hat have been added to the Promobox!)


You retain the Etched Violin of Amdusias! 

 Thanks for checking in today!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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