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Day 24: The Collector, Storage Upgrade, and Pocky's Fate!

July 16, 2019 4 min read

WHOA! We hit 10,000 backers. This is unreal! We are so excited right now and we hope you are as well. 

This campaign has been so wonderful and will allow us to really turn Middara into what we've always dreamed of!

10000 Backers!

Unlockable Add-On: The Collector Bounty Pack! 

Imagine looting this axe and using it on your Adventurer...
Imagine looting this axe and using it on your Adventurer...

Our 10k Backer stretch goal brings more dangerous foes for you to crush... or die trying. The Collector and his collection of that which he values most will keep you on your toes as your party ventures to purge the lands of Elenia from this scourge to humanity.  

Our Bounty Packs are unlockable add-ons They provide unique side quests that can be attempted at rare moments in our narrative. 

Backers at our "With Swag" pledges level will receive these as part of their pledge. 

The Collector Bounty Pack contains a Bounty Book, multiple new Initiative cards, two new Combatants, a new Boss Monster, new Monster Loot, and hidden Item cards for you to uncover.  

This Bounty Pack expansion will require Act 1 to play.

Nail Vessel
Nail Vessel

Homies In The Industry

We love what we do and we love all the amazing people we've met along the way.

We just want to give a congratulation to Marcin and the team of Awaken Realms for their crushing success with the Etherfields Board Game Kickstarter campaign. We love seeing games in our industry continue to kill it! 

If you haven't seen this yet, you've gotta go take a look! 

Marcin reached out to us early this year and gave us some of the most invaluable information we could've gotten, and we appreciate his support and time. 

 $2.25M vs. $2.225M

We'll be honest, even we were confused about this. We woke up this morning ready to throw some unlocks your way and then realized that we hadn't technically hit our Cash Money Stretch Goal of $2,250,000.

But you know what? We don't care! Let's unlock some stuff because it's fun! 

$2,225,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked!

Act 1 Reinforced Shipping + BEEFIER Red Revealer

We're a fairly new company. Our first KS was a lot of trial and error and so was the fulfillment process. We learned along the way that we could include some things in the Act 1 box to keep it a little more snug.. So we're doing that.

This means barriers between the cards and books to keep everything nice and secure in the box as well as a beefier Red Revealer. Something you can really get some use out of without fear of it bending.

This beefed up Red Revealer will now be included in the 1.1 Update Pack as an upgrade.

Storage Solution for EVERYTHING... Finally.

Middara needs an insert. It's pretty obvious. We've been toying around with the best way to do this since we have split shipping waves and there's only so much we can cram into the KS2 Promo Box. 

So, with Wave 2 we will be optimizing our packaging and including an insert within Act 3 that will allow you to store the entirety of Unintentional Malum in a single box. It will included a detachable token tray, slots for tiles and 5x6 cards, and trenches to keep all your (sleeved) cards stored for all 3 Acts.

This is intended to be a basic economic utilitarian storage solution rather than a way to fancifully organize everything. This means that this will not compete with any aftermarket storage creations and won't be quite as fancy either. But we'll be damned if we have to carry three separate boxes to play the game at our friends' houses! 

Below is a blueprint of what we're thinking.

Tray the size of the box, plus an additional token tray for easy access to tokens
Tray the size of the box, plus an additional token tray for easy access to tokens

In addition to this, the box is being sized to hold all the miniature trays. Meaning, you'll be able to Tetris in all those miniature trays in addition to all the cardboard inside of a single giant box. 

Lastly, putting miniatures back into their corresponding trays was always a pain in the ass since it was so easy to forget what miniature went where. For this reason we'll also be including a diagram for where miniatures are supposed to be seated. This diagram will be printed in the most economical place we can put it. (likely just thrown in the box or added to the Adventure Book for Act 2 and 3. 

 So! Let's keep this train moving!

We'll be doing little mystery teasers on the Stretch Goals..
We'll be doing little mystery teasers on the Stretch Goals..

We were curious to see how this would go. We definitely saw some moral arguments happening in the comments.

...But it looks like the community chose to save the doggo... by a pretty significant margin!

Command Card - Item Card

Thanks again for hanging out with us throughout this campaign and keeping the spirit of board game Kickatarters alive!

It's been a lot of work but very rewarding!

Let's keep hitting those stretch goals!

And as always... 

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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