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Day 6: Flattering Recommendations, Interviews, and A Strange Girl From Arkalla!

February 25, 2021 4 min read

Daily Updates sooner and sooner!

Brooklynn here!

With all the madness of the convention, combined with the overwhelming success of this campaign, Alex and I have been struggling to get our updates out in a timely manner each day. 

Well, no more! Starting tomorrow we will have each update out by 3PM MST. We've been spending some time getting our updates pre-written when possible. While this time might still fluctuate as updates themselves change depending on Community Decisions and so forth, we do expect to have our updates out earlier than we have been.

Tom Vasel put us in his top 10 Dungeon Crawls!

BGR did an interview 

Board Game Revolution did an interview with me if anyone is interested in having some insight into Succubus Publishing. The video is time stamped to skip the parts you don't need to see. Also, sound warning on the link below. They seemed to have it too loud in the first minute or so.  Lastly, we mention in the interview that the miniatures with the question marks on them will be unveiled when we feel that they are exactly how we want them. This likely will not be until post campaign (but before the pledge manager closes.) 

 (sound warning!) 


Padric shifted uncomfortably on top of the undergrowth they had set up camp at.  He dropped a bundle of dry sticks onto the ground not far away from where Nightingale was resting. He watched her mumble to herself in her sleep, tormented by recent events no doubt. The girl looked so much like Shayliss that he caught himself seeing his old friend's face when Nightingale was in the corner of his peripheral. He squatted down beside the sticks, fumbling with a few bundles of moss and smaller twigs and got the fire going. 

“What is your purpose here exactly?” Suri had floated nearby, her translucent nude figure a little too close for Padric’s comfort. 

“Just trying to repay a friend.” Padric said. The fire spilled warmth across him and he setup to boil some water. 

Suri didn’t seem convinced. “An old debt? You must owe someone a lot to be risking your life like this.” She squinted her eyes. “Perhaps lots of money?”

Padric couldn’t help but smile at the strange girl’s naivety. “No.” he said shaking his head. “Not money, more like love I suppose.”

“Love?” Suri showed a wicked grin. “For the princess here?”

“No... not her.” Padric waved Suri out of his way and moved to the other side of the fire to sit. “Her sister. She means a lot to me. We went to the Institute together. Even adventured for many years.”

“Like this?” Suri asked looking around. “Leaving danger and death in your wake?”  

“Not exactly. We found ourselves getting into more innocent trouble.” Padric knew that was a lie, and his look must have showed it because Suri whirled in excitement.

“I doubt that’s true. You must tell me these stories sometime. Stories of love, and...” She paused with a smirk, “innocent adventure.” 

Padric let out a soft laugh. “How about you Suri? A girl from a forbidden realm, helping a man she’s forbidden to see, star crossed lo-” Suri cut him off.

“I do not love him! Such silly words from a human. Illogical emotions stemming from such weak character are below my kind.” She snapped out of existence and returned, blinking behind the fire light. “Rook is simply an academic project for me. A dangerous one I will admit, but nothing more than that.” 

A long moment passed and Padric poured hot water into a metal cup to let tea steep. “Wanting something you can’t have isn’t a good idea anyway. If you’re not careful it will easily consume you, leaving you unable to be happy with anything else.”

“Really?” Suri’s eyes went wide with concern. “What is this illness called? What are its symptoms?” Suri began inspecting herself, and at first Padric thought she was joking, but she kept looking at him with an intense look expecting him to tell her. 

“Academic interest you say?” Padric offered the metal cup towards her. “Tea?” 

She just stared back with a look of disapproval. “I will not take your tea or your trickery! There is no such disease that causes this kind of permanent longing is there?”

Padric shrugged and saw Nightingale move out of the corner of his eyes. “Oh, I don’t know about that.”

Suri Miniature Mock-up
Suri Miniature Mock-up
Rook With Suri
Rook With Suri

For our Day 6 unlock, we will be adding a figure to the KS2 Promo Box for the Suri Standee, featured in Unintentional Malum: Act 1. 

To be clear, this miniature is part of the KS2 Promo Box and is being given away for free as part of every pledge level at the "Through the Portal" level or higher. 

The cardboard standee version that is already a part of the contents of Unintentional Malum: Act 1 will remain a standee. 

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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