EU and US Webstore Shipping, Pending KS Orders, and Broken Token Insert

June 19, 2021 1 min read

Hey everyone, Alex here.

I had a couple quick updates for you all.

EU Webstore Orders and Pending Kickstarter Pledges

As stated in the previous update, we ran into some inventory issues with the EU warehouse which was causing a few orders there to be withheld until our restock showed up.

Well, it's been confirmed by our EU fulfillment center that the container of juicy Middara product has arrived.

This means that all pending Kickstarter orders and web orders will resume shipping starting on Monday!

US Webstore Orders and Remaining Unfulfilled Backers

The US fulfillment center has shifted focus from fulfilling web orders to making sure the remaining backers are fulfilled, even without these missing resin kit boxes I mentioned in the last update. 

This means that the web order shipping has slowed up bit, but I've been told that web store shipping from the US warehouse will be back in full force starting Monday.

Web Store Resin Kits

Production and assembly is wrapping up for Valentine's Resin Kits and the second run of Kickstarter Resins. We're hoping to get these shipped out the the fulfillment centers by the end of the month.

The Broken Token Insert

The updated prototype for this insert will be ready for us to test by late July.

If all goes well, we're expecting a mid-August/early September release date for this!

We'll keep you updated on this as it progresses.

Sign Off

As always, thanks for your patience as we chug along through this Wave 1 fulfillment.

Remember to email us at if you need help with anything!

Have a fantastic weekend! 

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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