Web orders in the EU / UK are shipping slower than planned. We expect them to ship by the end of February!

Finalizing The Numbers and Running Those Cards!

October 15, 2019 2 min read

Hey all!

First off, thank you for the wonderful support throughout this project. We love this community and are so stoked to get all these games and swag out to you! 

Pledge Manager

We will be giving the entirety of today (10/15) for you all to finish updating and preparing your orders. At 11:59PM (MST) we will be locking orders and running all credit cards that have not already been charged through PayPal.

What Happens Next?

After orders are locked and credit cards are charged, we will be closing the pledge manager while we update the pre-order store. 

We plan on having the store back up and running before the delivery of Wave 1 for anyone that still needs to pick up that last minute swag before it runs out! 

We will re-open the store temporarily at the end of this week to resume pre-orders on the Etched Dice.

For those of you holding out to "upgrade" your pledge, adding Act 2 and 3 (and anything else in Wave 2), these items/bundles will be available in the near future!

So no worries there!

You'll be able to edit your address until we official begin to ship Wave 1.

To know what comes with each wave, you can reference this spreadsheet.

Etched Dice

For backers of our first campaign, the Etched Dice are confirmed to be out for delivery now so they should arrive soon to those that ordered them! 

If you need a last minute address change on these, please email address@shipnaked.com.

Final 1.1 Updates

We are playtesting every night of the week and making final adjustments to Act 1 before submitting all of our files to the manufacturer at the end of the month.

Thanks again for the outstanding community feedback in this regard. These changes are really elevating the game-play experience of Middara into a whole other level.

Returning backers can expect the fully updated changes by October 25th.

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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