General Fulfillment Update

March 08, 2024 4 min read

Hey backers, friends, and enemies! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! Alex here. Today we’re hitting you with another update.

Lupercalia… What’s Going On?

We’re way behind in releasing Lupercalia 2022. We’ve had significant challenges producing high-quality resin kits in the quantities we've seen with our Kickstarter and pre-orders. Local production in Salt Lake City ensures high quality, but it also introduces complexities in logistics and manufacturing. 

Our manufacturer encountered further difficulties combining these complex miniatures with packaging produced overseas. The intricate designs of our miniatures, particularly for Lupercalia 2022, have posed challenges for mass production. 

Although it's slow, we are still making headway. Our resin manufacturer has promised that the production of all Lupercalia 2022 kits will be completed and ready to ship by April 12th

For Lupercalia 2023, our local manufacturer doubled as our 3PL which ended up causing further delays. For Lupercalia 2022, this won't be the case.

Once completed, the Lupercalia 2022 kits will be handed over to our global logistics partners for distribution, which should speed up the delivery process considerably. 

Beyond that, we're exploring options and refining the process on our end to stop resin kits from running into issues like these in the future.

Lupercalia 2024

"The Hungering"

Lupercalia 2024 is designed and ready to go to print but we’re going to delay the sale of it this year until this campaign is completely finished, in production, and shipping has started.

We don’t feel comfortable selling anything new until then so we’ll be delaying that event.

Wave 1 and Wave 2. Goofy Nomenclature and What’s Included…

First off, we’ll clarify here again what is on Wave 1 and what is included in Wave 2. We see this question quite a bit.

The whole nomenclature of “waves” is also confusing because this is our second fulfillment of “Wave 1”. Sorry about that. Wave 1 has just been our code name for all the products from our first KS.

“Wave 1 (AKA the fulfillment that’s happening right now)” includes:

“Wave 2” (AKA what everyone is really waiting for) includes:

You can also reference this spreadsheet that breaks down every add-on and bundle offered on the Kickstarter and our last two preorders.

Wave 1 Kickstarter Fulfillment and Web Order Delivery

Every week when we give you our fulfillment updates and timelines, we’re simply relaying the information that our fulfillment centers are giving us. When the timelines get pushed back and pushed back, it really just makes us look bad and we need to be more careful.

We’re trying to make sure to lock in more firm commitments from our warehouses so that our fulfillment dates are more accurate to reality.

Kickstarter Fulfillment Timelines

For the USand Canada, all Kickstarter orders for Wave 1 have been shipped. Orders placed on the webstore are shipping now.

For Europeand the UK, our fulfillment warehouse in Germany apparently got backed up with a bunch of other orders or something. Honestly, this has been super frustrating and we feel a bit powerless here.

This is what they’ve told us: 

We have about 1000 orders left to fulfill. We are trying our best to keep those orders going out. It will probably still take us until the end of the month, I would estimate.

Web orders and Lupercalia 2023 will go out after fulfillment.

For Australia, Kickstarter fulfillment will be completed today and web orders are starting to be fulfilled. The warehouse has received Lupercalia 2023, there are some data issues on our delivery sheet but we’re getting that resolved ASAP.

The Project Delays

We’re the first to admit that this project is super overdue. Years overdue, and we see some folks that are over it and have thrown in the towel with Succubus. We get it. We’re thankful that most of you are still hanging on with your support.

As we’ve stated in previous updates, since the beginning, and like most Kickstarters, it’s really been a management issue. Plus the promises we’ve made on this campaign are formidable. Brooklynn and myself have historically tried to do everything ourselves and had a hard time letting go of control of our baby. When we did bring people onto the team, they either weren’t delivering to our standard, or were being micromanaged so hard that they quit.

The task of delivery became so daunting that work became more stressful than fun. Things were still getting done, but not in any organized way. We had a solid team but everyone was remote and disjointed.

This has all changed though. We’ve been buckling down hardcore in the past few months and have gotten so much done that it’s built a lot of confidence in the team. We’ve gotten more done since October than in the previous year before that. The game looks awesome and we’re super proud of what we’ve created. 

Still Confused About The 1.2 Update Pack?

It seems like the more we try to clarify the 1.2 Update Pack, the more confused people get.

Reference this FAQ. We hope this clears things up.

Sign Off

I'm really caffeinated and wanted to get another update out to clear things up as much as possible. 

Have a sexy Valentine’s!


Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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