More Progress on Wave 2

September 13, 2023 2 min read

"Caretaker of the Passage"

Hey, backers! We’ve got another update for ya.

Wave 2 Progress

We've been grinding. Here's what we've got ready to share to playtesters this week:

  • The entirety of the Promo Pack 2. (64 pieces of artwork, 66 new cards, 2 Adventurers, 2 Command Combatants, 1 Discipline, 1 Familiar, and 60 new items)
    Note: Tarot Sized Cards coming next week.

  • Updated the Legendary Unique Items with their final artwork! (7 new pieces of artwork shared.)

  • Uploaded Silvia, Dark Mother Cultist. (1 New Adventurer and 2 new Items.)
    (Note: Awaiting correct Icon and final graphic design pass.)

  • 1 new Opposing Esper for review. (The Murder Advocate)

Here is what is still in the hopper for next week:

  • The first half of all our Mythical Items. Its a gnarly amount of cards. 
  • Legendary Cards Updated with their correct artwork. That's over 80 new pieces of artwork we've never shared.
  • The Loyal Version of the Murder Advocate and a brand new Variation. 
  • Two new Encounters

…And here's some Epic - Mythical Item art we haven’t shown off yet!

Wave 1 Production and Delivery

Production is still moving along and is set to finish mid-September.

With ocean travel, customs, and final delivery, you can expect to receive anything from Wave 1 in October.

We’ll also be launching our webstore after Wave 1 is fulfilled, so if you missed anything, it’ll be available there!


Our goal is to get everything on this campaign completed by the end of October. This means everything has been designed, developed, play-tested, and packaged.

With this deadline, our conservative delivery timeline will land somewhere in April - May for Wave 2.

We’re working hard to get this done ASAP!!

Sign Off

Stay sexy, and stay tuned for our next update!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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