New Artwork, Production Progress, Pledge Manager, and More News!

September 11, 2019 3 min read

Hello to our lovely backers! 

We had a couple of announcements that we wanted to post today!

Update Progress

We wanted to give a special shout out to everyone playing our game and giving us feedback. It's been invaluable and we are absolutely astonished at all our passionate fans and their determination to help make this among the best dungeon crawl board games ever made. 

The Update Pack is coming along nicely. We've been playtesting over at the Succubus office and have been having a blast trying our hardest to break our own game. Due to the amount of changes, we do plan on releasing a video that updates our how-to-play videos on the website before delivery of Wave 1. 

Miniatures underway! 

The wonderful and talented Layna Lazar is underway on our miniatures and we couldn't be more happy with her unique style and amazing work ethic. Her aesthetic tastes really capture our game well and we are happy to have her on board as a main artist for Middara! 

She's just finished a render of the final version of Tomoe alongside the first miniature from our token upgrade box, the Ancient Pixies! 

Of course, these are screenshots of the files she colored for fun. But we have no doubt that our plastics/resin team will make them look stunning! In fact, Trenchworx is hard at work making the resin kits as we speak! We will have pictures soon. 

Tomoe Turntable
Tomoe Resin
Tomo Plastic
Tomoe Resin
Ancient Pixies
Ancient Pixies
Ancient Pixies

Pledge Manager

We want to remind everyone that late pledges will be closing on October 15th, 2019. After this date, we will be switching from a late pledge to a traditional preorder. This means that anything being shipped on wave 1 ordered after this date will no longer have the Kickstarter discount and the complimentary KS2 Promo Box. However, for those who still would like to purchase the items that come in the KS2 Promo Box on wave 1 we will still have them available as pieced out products as Add-ons. 

Also, since the Resin Kits are made to order, all the Resin Kits will be unavailable for purchase after October 15th, so get them while you can!

We've had many people ask if they'll be able to "upgrade" their pledge to include Act 2 and 3 after this date. The answer is yes. We will be adding a new add-on that will include just Act 2 and Act 3. These pledge levels will be at a Kickstarter discount until shortly after delivery of Wave 1. We'll make sure to announce this date as the time gets closer.

IMPORTANT: Unless you are paying with PayPal, all cards will be charged on October 15th! Backer using PayPal have been being charged immediately upon checkout.


We are very determined to deliver the campaign on time.

So far, we are right on track with our production and delivery timelines! The 1.1 Update Pack will be completed by October 15th which also completely updates Middara Act 1. Once late pledges close on October 15th, we will shoot to be in full production by early November.

We expect mass production to take 2 to 3 months at which point we will have ocean freight begin. We are shooting to have Middara hit the high seas by January. We are very aware of Chinese New Year affecting our production times and we will do our best to be done with mass production by then.

Ocean freight can take up to 8 weeks which puts us into March.

Final delivery can take between 2-8 weeks depending on the region where you live.

This estimate puts all final deliveries of Wave 1 into May 2019, our targeted delivery date!

Etched Dice

As we stated in a Facebook post a couple weeks ago, the Etched Dice from our first campaign will (finally) begin shipping by the middle of this month and will be available for purchase on the pledge manager shortly thereafter!

Final Note

Brooklynn here, I  like to think that I have always been transparent about the games I love on Kickstarter. Despite many being considered our competition, I find our coterie in constant support of these games. We even personally back these projects on a regular basis. With that said, we recently learned about Aeon Trespass through an associate and thought that the game looked amazing! 

I wanted to share the project if only due to their sheer ambition. The quality of the sculpts alongside the designs made me a day 1 backer. I've reached out to the owner and talked about Kickstarter and the industry. It was a very insightful conversation and I couldn't help but be inspired by his work. 

Go check them out!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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