Pledge Manager is Up!

August 13, 2019 2 min read

Pledge Manager is Live

Yo yo! The pledge manager is now open!

We are sending the surveys in groups so you should receive a link in your inbox sometime today! 

For any of those out there considering becoming a late backer, you can access the pledge manager here.

If you have any questions / concerns, email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Processing Payments

We will be processing all payments on October 15th, 2019! So feel free to browse the pledge manager and swap around items at your leisure! 

Just know that you'll need to finalize your Wave 1 orders before then!

Silvia, The Dark Mother Cultist

All of you Day 1 Backers out there will be receiving the Silvia figure for free. She's been added to your carts already.  This means that all backers with Backer #7982 and below will get her!

For all you $1 Backers that pledged on Day 1, you'll need to upgrade to an actual pledge level and then we'll manually add her for you! We will be adding Silvia to $1 Backers in batches so if you don't see her in your cart immediately, don't sweat!

Switching/Upgrading Pledge Levels

1. When you receive the survey, click your pledge level.

2. A pop-up will appear. Click "Switch Pledge Levels?"

3. Then, switch to your preferred pledge level!

Wave 2 "Pledge Upgrades"

Many have asked if they will be able to purchase Act 2 and 3 at a later date after October 15th. The answer is yes! Everything except for the Resin Kits will be available after that date.

October 15th is our official ending of "late pledges". This means that Kickstarter discounts will no longer be in effect and the KS2 Promo Box will no longer be free with pledges.

We don't have an exact price breakdown for you now, just know that the prices you'll find right now will be the best!

New Add-Ons

Throughout the life cycle of our pledge manager, we will be adding some new stuff for you to purchase if you so choose. We're still working out exactly what that might be but we'll definitely be throwing up those Etched Dice fairly soon!

"With Swag" Shipping

We found a slight discrepancy in the Wave 1 shipping costs for both "With Swag" pledge levels. 

Because we are shipping all the Resin Kits, KS1 Promo Pack, Playmats, and the Extra Dice in this Wave, we've had to up the shipping cost on those Pledge Levels by $10 across the board.

We're really sorry if this causes any inconvenience!

Thanks and stay sexy!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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