Progress Report - February 11, 2024

March 08, 2024 4 min read

Yo, backers! How’s it going?

It’s been about a month since our last update so today we want to get you up to speed.

Wave 1 Delivery Update

Since we started Succubus, we’ve yet to have logistical timelines go as planned and depending on what region you’re in, the delays for this wave have been frustrating to say the least.

Luckily, we’re almost done.

The only regions still pending are Europe and Australia.

EU- Last we checked, there were a substantial amount of orders (nearly 1600) that were still pending. But from what we can see, those orders are being shipped and will hopefully finish by next week.

AUS- Should be done by the beginning of next week.

For the US web orders, shipments started going out last week and will be completed by the tail end of next week.

EU and AUS web orders will start shipping right after the KS is fulfilled, which we’re hoping is soon.

Lupercalia ‘22 and ‘23 Update

Our resin kits have also been a logistical challenge that we will be addressing and fixing by the time we release the next one.

Just FYI, all Succubus’s resources are going toward finishing this campaign and we won’t be releasing anything new until production is well underway on Wave 2.


US and CAN have been delivered.

Pallets have been received in the EU - final delivery should be in the next week or so.

Pallets have been received in AUS -  Same as EU, these kits should go out this week.


According to our manufacturer, we will start shipping L22 in late March. We’ll try to get more information as we receive it.

Wave 2 Progress

Exciting news! Every Encounter in this entire campaign is finished and we’ve officially moved on to the QC phase of this project. While moving through QC, we've uncovered handful of cards that will require some design. There are under 20 in total and are mostly Item cards.

Our aim is to wrap up the design for these cards by the end of this week.

The QC Phase

What does this entail?

Well, first, we’ve started reviewing every Encounter and every card to make sure that they are all mechanically sound for playtesting. 

This includes going through every single line of text in the Adventure Book Encounters to make sure that the cross-referencing for the hundreds of Hidden cards is correct. With so many branching paths, this is honestly a mind-numbing task that has taken Kris two weeks to get through. But it’s done.

When we made the decision that most of the new cards would be hidden in UM Act 2 and UM Act 3, it meant that each of the hundreds of new cards would need to be numbered and revealed where it made sense. Over the last few weeks, Kris has gone over each and every card, making sure they’re available exactly when you need them and in more or less the right order.

This meant discovering the cards that had gone missing, and making sure that they would get designed before we went to print. These are the cards that are remaining to be designed.

Then he went through each of the almost two-hundred diagrams created by our various designers, attaching each one to the correct encounters and ordering them in the diagram books for each act.

In the meantime, Ian has been meticulously going through every InDesign file in the project and making sure that what exists in our files is accurate to our master tracking sheets. This is another task that we label as “asinine tedium”. But it’s crucial.

The steps for next week will be to make sure that all the final designs, artwork, and fiction have made it onto their respective cards for all products.

Then, we’ll be having our graphic designer Katie make a pass through every file to make sure it meets our style guide’s specifications. Once complete, we will package the files for playtesting.

We’ll be doing all of this in order by Chapter and product so that we can finally start shooting files over to be prepared for playtesting.


While doing everything stated above, we’ve also been creating a template for the playtesters to be able to hop right into their character creation for Act 2 + 3. More specifically, how much party gold and XP will each group have to spend.

On top of that, we’re updating the UM2+3 rulebook with all the rules necessary to begin playing. We’ll then upload the files in chronological order for the playtesters to start messing around with.

We’ll be collecting playtester feedback in real time and fixing things as we catch them so that we can transition into production as seamlessly as possible.

We’ve gotten super experimental with these expansions and we’re pushing the limits of what our system is capable of.

Basically, we want to make sure some of these wacky ideas work.

So yeah, that’s about it!

Production Is Happening In The Background

The most time sensitive aspect of production is with the miniature tooling. We’re proud to say that this portion of the production has been ongoing for some time and we’re nearing the final steps.

We’ve received our “PU samples” from the factory.

These are the final samples given before tooling begins.

We’ll show these off in the next update.

Sign Off

And that’s about it for now. January was a grind with design, dev, webstore launch, and production shenanigans. This month we’ll be hitting you with more regular updates again.

But the takeaway here is that all the Encounters are done!! Woo!



Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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