Quick Progress Update!

October 16, 2020 2 min read

What's up, you sexy people? Alex here.

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on the project!

Right now, mass production of Wave 1 is going smoothly and all our latest timelines are on point. We're expecting the games to start hitting the high seas in late November / early December.

We're still expecting you all to receive your rewards by February 2021.

Important Information Regarding Address Changes 

Right now, the pledge manager is locked up and all shipping information has been forwarded to our fulfillment center. This means that you'll no longer be able to edit your address in Backerkit.

If you plan on moving between now and February 2021 and need to change your address, please email help@funagainlogistics.com with your address change request and they will take care of you!


Right now the entire Adventure Book has been fully translated and transposed into German, French, and Spanish. We're just about ready to share those PDFs with you. There are just some last minute revisions we are making to some Encounters to keep them in line with the 1.1 Update before we release these.

The Italian version is coming along nicely but is still a ways out. We are expecting it to be ready by the delivery in February.

We will be posting an update on the German, French, and Spanish translations once we get the files back from our translators!

What's the plan for Wave 1? Will I still be able purchase anything I missed?

Yes! Right now, our plan is to open up our webstore on succubuspublishing.com and start selling everything from Wave 1 right off the website in February.

Since the vast majority of our customers come from the US or Europe, we are planning on warehousing inventory in the US and in the EU (and potentially the UK as well).

Wave 2 and Beyond

For being a "reprint", Wave 1 turned out to be much more work than we had planned on. Partly because Brooklynn and I have been in the mindset that we always need to be bootstrapping everything. We've done things a certain way for so long that it's hard to shift gears and allow others to help us.

Taking feedback and improving Act 1 was really important to us and we were afraid to not be a part of every aspect of the 1.1 version, however mundane certain aspects may be. From proofreading, to packaging files, to graphic design, we found ourselves trying to do it all. All this did was create a bottleneck where everything moved slowly. This is partly why is took us so long to decide that we needed a professional editor to go through everything for us.

Regardless, with Wave 1 out of the way, we are 100% focused on game design and development from here on out and we're making some serious strides in Wave 2 that we're very excited to show off.

By early November, we're hoping to have a significant update on what to expect from the Wave 2 expansions and you can expect nothing less than wild and wacky monsters, mechanics, Encounters, and surprises.

Thats it for today, and thanks again for your support!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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