Slow But Steady Progress

July 31, 2023 4 min read

Hey backers! We wanted to give you a quick update today.

We understand that our track record for delivering things on time is rough, and when we throw out deadlines, you've learned to take that information with a healthy grain of salt. 

On top of that, our communication is sparse, and needs improvement. It took 4 years for us to deliver the 1.0 version of Act 1, and the reason we were successful and no one lost trust in us is because our communication was clear. We made sure to post updatesweekly, even if we didn't have much to say.

For this project, we've opted to post less updates, but more meaningful updates. That was the goal, but aside from a few exceptions, it's not what's happened. It's not fair for us to go months with no update on a project with so many backers and so much funding.

No news is bad news, and by not being transparent, it's understandable that backers worry about that state of the project.

We're not moving as quickly as we should, we're admittedly disorganized, we're a bit overwhelmed with everything on the delivery list, but we are moving forward and the project is looking amazing. And with the team we’ve got now, we’re getting more organized by the day. Things are getting done and the expansions are looking to elevate the dungeon-crawler genre to the next level. In other words, the project is creeping toward completion and we're confident that you'll love what we've created.

We've flown our team out from around the world to meet us in Salt Lake for the first time to come up with a game plan to get this done. We're committed to hustle and start not just making progress internally, but showing you.

We will be hammering the Discord with gameplay content on a frequent basis, starting from the week afterGen Con, which is this week / weekend.

We are striving to manage our team in such a way that we are organized and efficient, and over time, can begin to actually hit our deadlines that we promise. The team we've built since our campaign in 2019 has grown and the people involved are amazing at what they do. But to be fair, they all hopped into a project that was all over the place. The amount of content is staggering, and keeping everything organized and balanced is a tremendous task. 

What we can promise, and I think that what we have delivered speaks for itself, is that the quality of product that you'll receive once this campaign finally wraps up will be top-tier. 

We've made it our goal to not skimp on any details, to provide the most quality components, cards and books brimming with ridiculous amounts of art. Tiles covered in spot UV gloss, that feel unique and fun and aren't just another brown, stagnant dungeon. We've made sure that our new miniatures are dynamic, original, and of the highest quality with the most detail. We want to stay true to our roots by providing you with the option to endlessly customize your characters and create a story that will evolve and change with the decisions your party makes.

We're doing our best to create something magical, a game that you can play forever with your friends! We want Middara to stand out among other dungeon crawlers! And when you finally get your rewards, you'll see!

We know have a problem with perfectionism. We can't allow ourselves to release something we're not happy with, even though we know you all just want your game already! A perfect game doesn't exist, but at this point, especially with how late we are on delivering, that we at least blow your mind with the end result. 

Like we said in a few previous updates, those that went all in on the campaign will be receiving, no joke, nearly 100lbs. of content between both. This wouldn’t be possible without you. From the beginning, our goal was to sell direct, allowing complete artistic freedom and a cooler product for you, the backer. No middle-man, no corporate entity breathing down our necks telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. We're not trying to downgrade the quality, scope, or components to better fit a retail model.

Many products from Wave 2 are 100% finished. Our plan is to funnel products to our manufacturer as we complete them so that no time is wasted while we finish the Encounters of Act 2 + 3.  

Our manufacturer still wants to get things delivered this year, but with what's still left to develop, our goal is to get everything delivered by Q1 of 2024. This means that everything withstanding on this campaign will need to be submitted by October and our goal is to hit that deadline. With what we've got in the pipeline, honestly this needs to happen for us.

For Wave 1, we've hit delays due to some other print runs coinciding with ours. Our goal was to have everything delivered in August, but due to these delays, the factory will complete production by mid-August. When all shipping is factored in, Wave 1 will fulfill in mid-to-late September.

We know you're all craving more insight into what's going on.  The truth is we're moving slowly but we are moving. And we want to update more, even if it's just a check-in. It seems that's the least we can do.

We do have one more resin release, Vestalia, that we'll be hyping up and selling on Thursday August 3rd. We understand that this is yet another product on the backlog of items we need to ship, but in the case of Vestalia, and the latest Lo-fi sets, these are already packed and ready to ship. And they're pretty rad.

If you ordered the Lo-fi pin, this is why your order hasn't shipped yet. We're waiting for those to hit our fulfillment center in early August and then those will go out, along with your other items.

And that's it for today. We'll post again later in the week!

Thanks for checking in and continuing to support Middara!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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