Store Orders, Resin Kits, and Delivery Times!

May 26, 2021 4 min read

Yo, what's up everyone? Brooklynn here.

It’s been a crazy couple of months with me and Alex slamming through emails, getting Resin Kits manufactured, and lining up logistics for a smoother delivery.

With our webstore opening at the same time as all our Kickstarter deliveries happening we wanted to update everyone on the current status of orders and deliveries.

With so many unknowns, we’ve been trying our hardest to answer every question to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately, delivery and worldwide logistics is a strange place right now.

Kickstarter Orders 

First, we wanted to ensure everyone that all our orders are currently organized and queued for delivery on a first-come first-serve basis starting with Kickstarter backers. 

Kickstarter backers in the EU, UK, and Australia have mostly been taken care of with the vast majority of orders already delivered.

We ran into some issues fulfilling Ireland because it's technically part of the EU, and part of the UK, and with all the confusion there right now, we had to transfer our orders from the UK warehouse to the EU one so that Irish backers wouldn't get hit with uneccessary customs fees.

All that seems to be in order now so if you're a backer from Ireland, you should have either already received your order or should be receiving it very soon.

US / CA + some ROTW orders

As of this morning, we've received confirmation from our fulfillment partners that we are still an estimated two weeks out from fully completing fulfillment. 

If you are still waiting for your Wave 1 Kickstarter order, it's mostly likely just still in the queue for shipping.

Webstore Orders

We'd promised our backers that we'd fulfill their orders before sending out the web store orders.

As stated above, we are still about two weeks out from being done with Kickstarter fulfillment, which means we are about two weeks from shipping the web orders.

Web store orders worldwide are pending to ship immediately after fulfillment is complete.

We understand that the timeframes for getting these web store orders delivered is not ideal and we are very sorry for the delays on these orders. 

When launching the store, we hadn't expected it would take so long to get Wave 1 fulfilled or that we would run into so many logistical issues. Regardless, we're trying out hardest to get each and every order out the door as soon as we possibly can.

Resin Kit Orders

Kickstarter backers who ordered our initial run of Resin Kits from our Kickstarter (non-valentines Kits) will have their Resin Kits included as part of their kickstarter fulfillment.

Due to an increase in demand beyond our expectations, a second run of Resin Kits are currently being made to fulfill all orders.

If you ordered Resin from our webstore, you will receive these as a separate shipment from any other items ordered on the webstore. These will be sent to the same address sometime near the end of June. 

The second run of all our Resin Kits are being made locally here in the United States. This means that the kits will arrive in their corresponding boxes. (Our kickstarter backers got theirs sent in two different boxes with the miniature separate from the cards.)

Before we cut and package!
Before we cut and package!
After cutting and packaging

The manufacturing process is already well underway with the cardboard already finished, packed, and ready to be sent to our Resin Manufacturer for preparation of shipping to customers.

On the engineering side, the Valentine Miniatures are looking wonderful! You can see production casts built by me over the weekend.

Psyche, Aphorism of Love
Lupercalia Pack
Lupercalia Pack
Lupercalia Pack

I’m super stoked to be able to provide locally made Resin Kits. This allows us for a quicker turnaround of product. And in turn, opens the door for a whole new world of fun content.

 Community Contributions

The talent behind our community is incredible. It's really heartwarming to see all the wonderful and artistic individuals passionate about miniatures and gaming. Please don't hesitate to join our Discord and check out the Art and Painting channel for tips and advice. I wanted to show off some of the work backers have already linked to our Discord

That Resin Though!
That Resin Though!

Looking forward

Once fulfillment is complete we will start focusing on showing off all the hard work we’ve put into future content delivering for wave 2. You can expect all sorts of teasers, content updates, and cool new artwork.

Thanks for all of your support. We hope that you love Middara as much as we do.

Stay sexy!

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Everything Else


We wanted to give another reminder that we do not use Kickstarter Messages to handle customer support or business related inquiries. If you are trying to get a hold of us, please use the above avenues.

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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