Unlocking of the PM Before Shipping

August 25, 2020 3 min read

Hey everyone!

We wanted to start by saying that we appreciate all the comments and feedback on our last update. It's not easy for us to announce delays on the delivery of our project, but it's nice to see that we have a vibrant and active community that still supports us.

We took what you have said to heart and have decided to unlock the pledge manager for a limited time before we ultimately lock addresses and begin the transition into shipping and fulfillment.

Just a quick note, while we are unlocking the pledge manager briefly, we won't be allowing new backers in or selling any pledge levels, just accessories!

The idea is to allow backers and current pre-order customers to add any last minute Wave 1 items onto their order before shipping begins. 

For anyone reading this wondering how they can get the game, we will be selling all Wave 1 items again as we approach our delivery date of February 2021, so don't worry!

A few things to note regarding the unlocking of the pledge manager...

First off, a new add-on will be available:

Middara Unintentional Malum Act 1 Adventure Book


We are offering the fully edited Adventure Book at a discount for returning backers (or anyone that wants it). 

This add-on will also include free shipping worldwide.

We can't quite give the book away for free but we tried our best to offer this add-on in the most affordable way possible.

To be clear. The edits we've done in the Adventure Book won't affect a change in content, plot, characterization, etc. Instead, it focuses on grammatical mistakes being fixed. This will include the occasional sentence structure. But is primarily focused on spelling errors and the like.

Also, this Adventure Book add-on is not necessary for anyone that pledged for the Base Game during this campaign. Your game will already include this book. This add-on is primarily for backers of our first campaign that want the updated Adventure Book.

We are also going to be making the resin kits available for this short unlocking of the pledge manager.

These resins were somewhat of an experiment for us and for that reason, are very limited. If you really want them, snag them now because we aren't sure when we'll do another print of these.

Casual Nightingale
Casual Zeke
Casual Remi
Casual Rook
Dreamwalker Lymn
Tomoe The Lost
Count Dalv
The Coven Mother
High Priestess Circe
Girtiya The Imprisoned Witch
Resin Kit 10 Pack
What else will be available for last minute add-ons:
1.1 Rulebook
1.1 Update Pack



Note: For those unsure what the Update Pack contains, go ahead and check out the complete PDF of the Update Pack book here. It does detail everything you'd need to know to play with the new 1.1 Update. This includes new encounters, rules, and cards.
KS1 Promo Pack
Playmats (Set of 4)
Extra Dice (Set of 17)
Etched Dice (Set of 17)
Art Book Vol. 1
5 x 6 Sleeves
Note: For a few logistical reasons, we aren't offering the Base Game as an add-on right now, but it will become available again once we get closer to shipping for anyone that wants it! 

Be sure to check our KS updates for more info leading into that!

Instructions on adding your add-ons

From your survey confirmation link, please click on "Edit Your Address" which will take you to the page where you can add "add-ons". The button on this page will say "Edit Add-Ons". Please note that you cannot update your existing add-ons but can only add additional items.

If you cannot find your survey link? Try locating it using: https://middara-trilogy.backerkit.com and entering the email address you've used to pledge with on Kickstarter.

Important dates and information

The pledge manager will be open from: Tuesday 8/25 - Tuesday 9/8 @ 10PM MST

Paypal is disabled. You must use a credit card. This is a Backerkit requirement to unlock the PM. Sorry for the inconvenience here!

Backers may add items to their pledge at their leisure. 

All late backers and pre-order customers will need to create a brand new order to add these items. You can do this by using this link: https://middara-trilogy.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

Orders will be locked on Wednesday 9/9 and cards will be run on 9/10.

Second attempts for failed cards will be run on 9/17.

Payments must be finalized by Tuesday 9/17. If payments are not finalized on additional add-ons, your order will revert to its original status before this re-opening and you won't receive your additional add-ons.

Addresses must be finalized by 10/1.

To change your address, follow the same process as shown above for add-ons.

Of course, if you have issues, email us at support@succubuspublishing.com.

Thanks everyone!! We hope you have an excellent week!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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