Wave 1 Delivery Update #1

February 25, 2021 4 min read

Hey backers! It's February! 

As we are approaching the delivery of Wave 1, we'd just like to give a more detailed timeline as to when all these games will arrive at the ports...

Wave 1 is massive, so much so that we've been running into some issues finding containers to get everything shipped. Currently, Wave 1 alone required eight 40' (12m) containers last time we checked. The shipment to Europe weighs close to 80,000lbs (36,000 kg). 

Even crazier, the US shipment is 2.5x larger than the Europe shipment.

So many games and not enough containers...

We were really hoping to be able to give everyone the tracking information for all the boats on this update. Unfortunately, we've been at the mercy of overseas ports since November. 

Our freight forwarder has been vying for priority of our games for months now and information is only trickling to us last. Though, we do gather that the rising Covid numbers in China really threw a wrench in the supply line of all the boats. 

This means that we're still waiting on the sailing schedule of a few of the regions. However, because we felt like we couldn't delay this update any further, We've decided to give you the information that we do have!

First off, it looks like Australia and surrounding regions win the Kickstarter lottery this time around. The ship going to Australia will arrive on February 6th. It's anyone's guess as to how long before final fulfillment begins, but we'd estimate about two weeks.

You can find the sailing schedule / tracking info for this boat here: V/V:COSCO FELIXSTOWE V.163

The EU shipment is headed to Germany and it scheduled to arrive by 2/24.

This boat's tracking info is here: V/V: EVER GLOBE 1123-007W

We have 3 more ships that we are still waiting on information for:

The US ship, the UK ship, and the Asia ship.

The fee for over seas transportation has been paid long ago. Truly, we're unaware of what stage these boats are at and all actors in our supply line are doing what they can to get us an update on tracking information. It's pretty wild right now and it seems we're simply taking whatever containers and boats we can get as we can get them. 

While we wish we could promise that all regions will have games being shipped to them in February, we simply cannot confirm that until we have tracking for each boat. 

Our shipping partners are aware of the issues and are ready and waiting to get these games out to your doorstep!

As soon as we hear back from our freight forwarder, we'll make sure to update everyone with tracking of their respective boats. 

Will you be waiting to ship product?

No. We've already learned our lesson from the last campaign and have decided that we will simply instruct our shipping partners to prioritize getting our games to each backer as soon as they can. This means that backers in regions where boats arrive early will get the games earlier. 

Brexit is expensive... but not for you.

With Brexit happening as well as some VAT changes in the EU this year, we've had to reanalyze our EU shipment and split it into two separate shipments: one for EU and one for the UK. This means that the shipping information above is for the EU and not for the UK.

In all, these Brexit changes, plus the hiked up container prices cost us an additional 7% on our total shipping bill. We had to do this to make sure that we could save all the UK and EU backers from paying insane fees when the games arrive.

Here is an article from the BBC in regards to these issues if you're curious.

Will I be able to purchase more product in February?

In regards to purchasing anything from Wave 1, we are planning on launching our new web store this month. We are striving to begin selling Wave 1 on Valentine's Day (2/14) this year! 

Of course, this is all dependent on boats arriving in February. We do not want to be putting up a web store if the lead times on orders are longer than three weeks. 

We will be doing an update in the near future going over the new website, features, and content on the horizon. 

How can I change my address? 

If you need to change your address, please email help@funagainlogistics.com with your address change request and they will take care of you!

Reminder: We are not reading messages sent via the Kickstarter DM (we always read comments). Their system is hard to document and use.  If you want to get a hold of us, please email us at support@succubuspublishing.com. We personally answer every customer email there.

We will make sure to update you all immediately once we receive the tracking info for the remaining ships.

Stay sexy!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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