Wave 1 Delivery Update #2

February 25, 2021 2 min read

Hey everyone!

Regarding the three shipments left in limbo: US, UK, and Asia

For the past few weeks, we've been anxiously awaiting updates from our factory, freight forwarder, and fulfillment centers in regards to these three shipments. Although we've been trying since November, we've been unable to get these regions shipped before Chinese New Year.

Massive port delays caused by a worldwide container shortage has put a lot of businesses like ourselves into a state of limbo.

On top of this, and as many of you already know, China basically shuts down for almost the entirety of February due to this holiday.

Chinese New Year ends on February 22nd, and we are striving to get the US, UK, and Asia shipments on the boats by the end of that week.

Estimated travel time for these regions are as follows...

US: 5 - 7 weeks until final delivery to your doorstep

UK: 5 - 7 weeks until final delivery to your doorstep

Asia: 4 - 5 weeks until final delivery to your doorstep

Out of excitement, and under the assumption that all shipments had gone out simultaneously, we'd made premature announcements regarding fulfillment and for that we apologize.

Australia and Europe

The Australia shipment and the EU shipment are making their way to their destinations, the arrival times seem to fluctuate, but it looks as if the Australia shipment will hit the port today. EU looks like it will still be arriving by the end of this month.

You can track those boats here:


EU: V/V: EVER GLOBE 1123-007W

Wave 1 Refresher, what's being delivered?

  • Middara Act 1
  • KS1 Promo Pack
  • 1.1 Update Pack / 1.1 Rulebook / 1.1 Adventure Book
  • Playmats
  • Extra Dice
  • Etched Dice
  • All 10 Resin Kits
  • Art Book Vol. 1
  • Large Sleeves

Webstore News

We've been renovating our website and our plan was to launch on Valentine's Day and start selling Wave 1 right from our web store. We've always liked the idea of establishing a big event on February 14th, but we're feeling a little deflated this year since our product will still be in the midst of shipping.

For this reason, we've decided to wait until the tail end of March (or whenever boats actually arrive) to open up the store and post our updates. 

After EU fulfillment of the campaign, we will be warehousing product in Germany and will be selling and shipping from within the EU via our new web store. Although this surplus will be technically be available by mid-March, we don't feel comfortable selling this product until after the remaining regions have received their rewards first.

We thank you again for your patience with us.

Talk to you soon!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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