Web orders in the EU / UK are shipping slower than planned. We expect them to ship by the end of February!

Wave 1 Delivery Update #4 (The Big One)

March 03, 2021 1 min read

Hello, everyone!

We are excited and very relieved to finally announce that our shipment to North American backers, which is by far the largest, is finally scheduled for pickup on March 5th.

Based on the sailing schedule, all the games should end up in our Indiana facility by March 31st at which point final fulfillment will begin.

You can track the NA boat here: V/V; OOCL HO CHI MINH CITY / 0TD5DE1MA

This shipment will also fulfill South American backers.

This is a big milestone for us. Once all Wave 1 orders are fulfilled, our webstore will go live at middara.com. 

The store will launch with everything from Wave 1 and everything will be available for purchase while supplies last.

Also, once fulfillment is complete, we will begin transitioning our updates into the progress of Wave 2. 

We know that these updates will really hype you up for more Middara!

As a reminder, both the Australia and EU ships have anchored and should begin fulfillment very soon.

The UK ship set sail yesterday and has an ETA of March 31st.

You can track the UK ship here: CMA CGM ZHENG HE 0FM6LW1MA

We are still waiting on the Asia shipment information. As soon as we hear more, we will make sure to update you!

Have a great day!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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