Wave 1 Fulfillment and Web Store Launch Announcement!

April 12, 2021 2 min read

Hey all, Alex here.

A quick update today, but all good news.

Wave 1 fulfillment

First, the resin kits have arrived in all the depots worldwide as of yesterday so fulfillment should resume in the EU, AU, and the UK for all-in pledges and any order with resin kits or promo etched dice. Yay!

The US shipment has officially docked in Vancouver and is making it's way by train to the Indiana depot. According to our fulfillment partners, this shipment could arrive "as early as next week."

The shipment for backers in Asia was picked up earlier this week. This shipment is transported by land so there is no boat to track. I'll give more info on timelines when I receive them.


For any issues regarding missing pieces or damage to your order please email help@funagainlogistics.com. They'll be happy to take care of you and send a replacement! Make sure to send pictures please!

Middara Web Store

We will be launching the new web store on Monday April 19th at www.middara.com.

On the store you'll be able to purchase anything from Wave 1. We have a depot in the US and the EU but will ship anywhere in the world.

This time around, we've made sure to stock up but who knows how long the product will last! Make sure you grab what you can!

You'll definitely want to sign up for the newsletter if you haven't already so you are notified when we launch.

Also, just a disclaimer, we will only begin shipping web store orders after the Kickstarter campaign is fulfilled so there could be a two to three week delay in shipping orders, depending on how long that takes. You will be notified of this on the store page.

Italian Adventure Book Translation

The entire Adventure Book has been translated into Italian. We are now in the process of proofing and then transposing into PDF. Again, when I get a deadline from our translators on this, I will be sure to let you all know.


As stated in previous updates, we're very excited to move past Wave 1 and start showing off the progress made on Wave 2. It's gonna be epic!!

And that's all for today! Have a fantastic weekend!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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