Wave 1 Fulfillment + Webstore Orders

June 04, 2021 4 min read

Hey friends! Alex here. 

Time for an update!

Here's what's going on with the Etched Dice... 

Backers from KS1

Our first print run of these dice was printed incorrectly. This was not a manufacturing issue, this was our fault. In haste, we approved the incorrect digital files and were blissfully ignorant of our error until it was too late.

We took the blame and promised to reprint these dice correctly and send a second set out to every backer that ordered them, free of charge.

To keep track of this, I put together a spreadsheet of all the backers from the first campaign that needed these replacements. What I failed to do was tell the fulfillment center to cross-reference the names/emails with addresses that had been updated on the new campaign. This was disastrous as the spreadsheet was 2+ years old. About 250-300 people had moved and thus 250 - 300 dice were sent into the abyss. Some were recovered, some weren't.

This spreadsheet has now been updated. We are wrapping up Kickstarter fulfillment worldwide and then we will send these dice back out to the correct addresses.

From what I've been told, we have enough surplus left over to cover all the dice that were sent to the wrong addresses.

...with one exception...

Backers in the UK

DHL lost our shipment of dice to the UK. It's just gone. They gave us no other explanation as to what happened and denied our claims of compensation. So the small publisher takes the hit again I guess? 

This amounts to 193 backers that we simply don't have enough dice to fulfill.

We're Not Giving Up

It's almost comical at this point. Against all odds, we've managed to deliver one of the biggest board games ever created, plus all the accessories alongside it... twice,  but we've been foiled yet again but this small pack of 17 dice.

But we are going to get everyone their god damn dice if it's the last thing we do.

So we have approved a 3rd print run of these dice and will get them delivered to all those waiting on them as soon as we can.

On top of that, we have a list of everyone in the UK (and any other potential stragglers) that will not be receiving their dice during this stage of fulifllment and we will be giving them a $20 credit on the pledge manager for all the hassle.

It's the least we can do and we hope that somewhat softens the blow of, in some cases, the 6 year wait for these dice.

Wave 1 Fulfillment Progress

For the most part, we're just about done with fulfilling Wave 1. I don't want to throw out a percentage of completion since last time that just confused everyone, but if it means anything, our fulfillment center told us that we were about two weeks from completing fulfillment, and that was 10 days ago. So it's gotta be wrapping up soon.

I'll try to address a few issues that have come up though.

In the last update, we mentioned that we've resolved the issues with Ireland orders. Currently, we have a shipment of product moving from Zatu in the UK to our fulfillment center in Germany.

This shipment will cover all pending orders in Ireland and the EU.

Somehow we were short on a few items in Europe (probably due to replacements being before fulfillment was done) and an unlucky 4-5 backers there are still waiting for their pledge. 

If you guys are reading this, it's coming! And we're sorry!

Webstore Orders

As promised, we will be making sure the Kickstarter campaign is fulfilled before we ship the orders out from the webstore

Giving ourselves a healthy buffer, we estimate the web store orders shipping out by June 15th.

For those waiting on web orders, we understand that this wait is not ideal and for that, we apologize.

Since we'd booked this campaign fulfillment back in November 2020, we really thought that we'd be done with fulfillment by now... but here we are. 

We are excited to get to the point where items purchased on the web store will ship immediately. And we're almost there.

KS1 Promo Pack, Art Book 1, and Web Launch Bundles

As many know, these three items are not available on the store currently.  This is because we didn't print nearly enough Promo Packs or Art Books for the demand we've received for them

The plan is is restock the bundle and add the Promo Packs and Art Books once the campaign is fulfilled and we have exact counts on these items.

Regardless, we are already planning on doing another print run of them in the near future.

Wave 2 FAQ

Will the Valentine's Resin Kits be available for purchase when the pledge manager unlocks for Wave 2?


When will the pledge manager unlock for Wave 2?

We estimate the pledge manager unlocking for Wave 2 at the end of Q4 2021 - early Q1 2022.

Are there standees in Acts 2 and 3? If so, will there be miniature upgrades for these?

Yes, there will be standees in Acts 2 and 3, some of which already have miniature upgrades included in the KS2 Promo Pack. If there is a demand for more miniature upgrades of these standees, we will do our best to provide them.

When will the big Wave 2 updates start?

We plan to begin revealing all the progress made on Wave 2 starting in July.

Italian Adventure Book Translation

This will be ready by the end of June!

Thanks for checking in! Talk to you soon!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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