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We hit the $2,500,000 stretch goal!

July 23, 2019 2 min read

What a way to finish the campaign!

Brooklynn and I are elated with the success of this Kickstarter campaign and want to sincerely thank you all for being a part of it. We tried some new ideas, some worked, some didn't, but we hope you enjoyed it overall. And thank you to everyone for all of your value feedback throughout the campaign.

Wow, that's crazy. $2.5 million!

For the $2.5M stretch goal we will be including 5 sets of new weapon types in the KS2 Promo Pack for free.

These Weapons include Clubs, Swallows, Sabers, Tonfas, and Consoles! 

Currently, these Weapon Types are featured only as Unique Items in Act 1 but will now be able for purchase on all Story Rounds throughout all 3 Acts in Mundane, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and beyond. For anyone unfamiliar, Unique Items are rare drops found throughout Middara and cannot usually be found in the shop.

For the one-handed Weapons (Tonfas and Sabers) there will be 2 of each Item per tier. (24 total)

For the two-handed Weapons (Consoles, Clubs, and Swallows) there will be 1 per Item tier. (18 total)

These new Weapons will allow for even more wacky combinations of builds!


A big thanks to all involved in this project. Brooklynn and I may be the face of the company but we couldn't have done this without our team of artists, writers, collaborators, friends, family, mentors, partners, and of course, YOU, the backer.

From here on out we will be implementing our strategy to fulfill what we've promised on this campaign in the time frame that we've set.

We will continue to stay in constant touch as we always have.

Our next big updates will involve the 1.1 Update Pack on August 9th and then the opening of the pledge manager around early August as well.

Thanks again! Tomorrow the two of us are going to take our first day off in a month but we'll be back at the grindstone on Thursday!

We've got some real fun plans for the future and we're excited to take you with us.

Stay Sexy!

The Succubus Team

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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