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Zigging and Zagging to Completion!

November 01, 2019 1 min read

Hey everyone, Brooklynn here!

We’re in the final stretch of getting all our files finalized for print. Our playtesters have been putting in work on boss fights the last two weeks and we’re pretty confident that you’ll have a real challenge ahead of you!

We’ve got our 1.8 files uploaded on the website for those that want to take a look and help us with editing or proofing. We’re currently in the proofing and editing phase ourselves, so any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

With the exception of updating the component list and picture in the Rule Book, everything should be ready to go. If you see something off, go ahead and send us an email at support@succubuspublishing.com and we’ll get it fixed ASAP.

In addition to editing, we’re putting the final touches on the Crawl Mode and making sure all the packaging for the product on Wave 1 looks good. In combination with physically preparing the files to send, this is all we have left to do before we hand off everything to Panda and let them do their thing!

With all that said, we wanted to share a bit of our own to-do list with everyone. After files are proofed, prepped, and delivered, we’ll be moving on to support for the game so that the following is completed before delivery of the reprint:

  • Print & Play Updated and Proofed With Final Changes (Including Crawl Mode changes.)
  • Spark Notes
  • Act 1 Audio Files W/Sound Effects
  • Updated FAQ & Errata
  • Online Lore Revised and Uploaded

 Thanks for your continued support! We love you guys!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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