KS1 Promo Pack

The KS1 Promo Pack in an expansion pack that requires Middara : Unintentional Malum to use.

It contains all the promotional characters, Act 1 Esper figure upgrades, and associated cards from our first Middara Kickstarter campaign!

It also includes the 2 -3 player variant tarot cards!


  • Nyx figure + cards
  • Black Wolf figure + cards
  • Ballroom Shayliss + cards

It also includes TWO standee upgrades for all of the Espers in Act 1:

  • 2 Agares (2x2)
  • 2 Femke
  • Eliphie
  • Diem
  • Spirit Blade

Lastly, the KS1 Promo Pack includes all the Tarot-sized 2-3 player variant cards from the first Middara campaign!