Experience an Epic Adventure with Middara

Step into the immersive and perilous world of Middara, a cooperative adventure board game that features customizable character progression, stunning artwork, and deep storytelling.
With over 1,200 pages of story content and 100+ hours of gameplay, Middara takes players on a journey through a vast and dangerous world filled with powerful enemies, mysterious locations, and challenging obstacles. Choose your hero, develop your abilities, and work together with your team to overcome the challenges and save the world of Middara. With the complete trilogy now available for pre-order, don't miss your chance to be a part of this unforgettable gaming experience.
You can cross-reference everything explained below with the add-ons on our latest preorder, which ends on May 31st!

8.7/10 Rating on BGG

2.2k+ Ratings | 700+ Comments | 8.7 Average Rating


"9.8/10 - This game is fantastic."

This game is fantastic. The story is great. I am thoroughly enjoying getting together with my group and playing as these great characters.


"10/10 - Unique ...narrative focus"

The most unique factors are the theme, heavy narrative focus, and open character progression. Bonus points for fast setup/takedown compared to other dungeon crawlers.

"10/10 - ...a treat for connoisseurs."

Chronicles of Middara is a comprehensive game for all lovers of heavy adventure. In fact, nothing you can think of is missing in the box, ranging from a lot of miniatures to a huge flood of cards and a stunning book of stories. ...Chronicles of Middara is a treat for connoisseurs."

"10/10 - it was worth the wait."

I Kickstarted this game and waited years for it, it was worth the wait. The depth of story really pulls you into these characters and the combat system is one my favorites ever.

Core Games represent the foundation for a new Adventure in the Middara universe.

They are the beginning of an Adventure and provide the components for both the story they are telling and many other expansions we plan on releasing in the future.

A Core Game will always have the title of the Adventure associated with it and the Icon that represents both the product and the Adventure within it.

FOR EXample:
Unintentional Malum: Act 1 is a “Core Game”.

Its Adventure, Unintentional Malum, uses the above set icon to represent it. This is also the same icon that can be found on the front of its corresponding Adventure Books.
Core Games are required to use every other type of product on this list.

Core Games include:

Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 2+3

$250 USD343mm x 514mm x 186mm | 10.0kg 

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play

Adventure Pack Expansions

Adventure Packs add new Adventures that players can choose when starting the Adventure Mode.

These brand fresh stories explore all the narrative moments that lie on the periphery of our overarching adventures found in Core Games. Adventure Packs chronicle the machinations happening behind the scenes of our longer stories.

Adventure Packs let players delve deeper into characters and moments and give them a glimpse of the cogs that move and click our meta-plot forward.

In game terms, an Adventure Pack is a brand new Adventure that isn’t as long as a Core Game. This means they require additional content to play (usually a Core Game and/or its expansions).

Adventure Packs have rules for starting a new game with a predetermined cast of characters, new tiles, new items, new Combatants, and new allies. They follow the story of these other characters as they progress through the world of Middara.

Adventure Packs may be sold as one or more parts. They are meant to be played chronologically starting from their first part. In all cases, Adventure Packs will list how many parts exist to conclude their story.

Adventure Packs always require the previous Adventure Pack in its set to play. For example: you cannot play Pirates of Elenia: Part 2 without also owning and playing Pirates of Elenia: Part 1.

Pirates of Elenia Vol. 1 $75 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 2.00kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play


Micro Adventures

A Micro Adventure fills a similar role as an Adventure Pack. However, they’re intended to rely on content from a Core Game and its Expansions.

Where an Adventure Pack might contain new miniatures, Combatants, Adventurers, punchboards, and even new tiles, Micro Adventures typically only come as a booklet. This means that our Micro Adventures contain fewer encounters, but plenty of narrative.

Micro Adventures are one part and may be designed for player counts not seen in core products and Adventure Packs.

For example: Trail of a Princess: An Opportune Tip is for one or two players.

Micro Adventures have a strong focus and are intended to fill the narrative gaps of our larger stories. Their reliance on narrative gives them an intimate glimpse into Middara and makes them great reading material!
Micro Adventures include:
 Trail of a Princess : An Opportune Tip  $20 USD
210mm x 297mm x 10mm | 0.45kg
*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play

Bounty Packs

Bounty Packs explore the milieu of Middara by providing players a glimpse into the ecology of horrific and dangerous monsters that inhabit a specific region.

Alongside a set of new encounters, players can embark on Bounties to experience new monsters, unlock new content, and test their builds against some of the hardest encounters for their Loot Level.

Bounty Packs include:

 Bounties of Elenia: The Cave Sickle Queen $50 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 1.80kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play

Bounties of Elenia: The Pit Boss $50 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 1.90kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play

 Bounties of Elenia: The Collector $50 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 1.50kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1, and 
Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 2+3 to play


Other Content Expansions

Middara has plenty of odds and ends. Other Content Expansions provide gameplay elements but don’t include an Adventure for the Story Mode.

Each product provides a vastly different type of content with a variety of uses. Typically, each of our Other Content Expansions will have some gameplay elements that can be added to any and all other Expansion types in this list.

Other Content Expansions include:

 KS1 Promo Pack $40 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 1.50kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to use

 KS2 Promo Pack $40 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 1.50kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 and
Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 2+3 to use

 Kickstarter Cross-Promotion Pack $30 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 1.50kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play


 Lupercalia 2021 Pack $30 USD
343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 0.80kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play

 Vile Variations $20 USD
270mm x 142mm x 60mm | 0.50kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play.
To get the most out of this product you'll also need
Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 2+3

 Silvia, The Dark Mother Cultist $15 USD
168mm x 142mm x 38mm | 0.20kg

*requires Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act 1 to play.

Aesthetics and Accessories

We take great pride in how our game looks and feels. For this reason, Middara contains many products that do not add additional gameplay elements.

Examples of this are Extra Dice, Playmats, Art Books, and Token Upgrade Packs.

We define all expansions that add no Game Play content as Aesthetics and Accessories.

Art Book Vol. 1

TextArt Book Vol. 1 (279mm x 279mm x 5mm | 0.45kg) $35 USD

Art Book Vol. 2

TextArt Book Vol. 2 (279mm x 279mm x 5mm | 0.45kg)$35 US


Playmats (set of 4, 6, and 10)

TextPlaymats (set of 4, 6, and 10)  (270mm x 275mm x 55mm | 1.20kg - 1.70kg) $40 USD, $60 USD, $80 USD

Tuckbags (all 10)


TeTuckbags (all 10)  (250mm x 170mm x 50mm | 0.30kg)$30 USD

Extra Dice - Act 1

TextExtra Dice - Act 1 (set of 17)(100mm x 80mm x 20mm | 0.10kg) $20 USD

Extra Dice - Act 2+3

TextExtra Dice - Act 2+3 (set of 12) (100mm x 80mm x 20mm | 0.10kg) $15 USD

5x6 Sleeves

5x6 Sleeves (160mm x 160mm x 25mm | 0.30kg) $10 USD


XL 10x6 Sleeves

TextXL 10x6 Sleeves (160mm x 160mm x 25mm | 0.30kg) $10 USD

Act 1 Token Upgrade Pack

Act 1 Token Upgrade Pack (343mm x 257mm x 60mm | 1.20kg) $50 USD



A Deep Dive Into Unintentional Malum


Middara Unintentional Malum: Act 2 & Act 3 spans over 230k words of new narrative that brings Nightingale’s epic struggle with the Maluma to an exciting end.

Our wild miniatures promise to showcase some of the most original monster designs in the board game world. Act 2 and 3 are being manufactured by the best in the industry to bring our vision to life. Through a meticulous attention to detail and the newest manufacturing process available in injection molding, these subsequent acts of Unintentional Malum showcase these horrific monstrosities like never before.

With dozens of new flags, three new tiers of Items, over 70 new miniatures, and over 700 new cards, Act 2 & 3 is a real labor of love and dedication by a team of passionate artists and gamers.


Middara Unintentional Malum spreads its wings in Act 2 and Act 3. Here, players will see the ramifications of their choices, performance, and ultimately determine the fate of Nightingale and those she cares about.

Middara is no stranger to encounters that provide tension and have consequences. In Act 2 and 3, we’ve taken that to the next level! Many encounters have high stakes based on a natural culmination of your choices.


The Middle Passage Tiles
We pride ourselves on original monsters created for original locations within the world of Middara. In Act 2 and 3, you’ll battle across 14 new locations populated by new monsters, new tokens, and tons of new artwork!
The Oppressor and The Lava Pits

Our new sheet sized tiles allow for unique locations with a strong narrative purpose. Each one represents an important place required for our story to unfold. Some are visited often, some are rarer, but all of them are used under circumstances that build tension and atmosphere.

Encounters in Act 2 and 3 feature more exciting narrative moments, more opportunities for character growth, and more ramifications to our story directly from within the encounter itself. From Story Flags to unique Story Items, the conclusion to Unintentional Malum uses a variety of creative mechanical tricks to bring a strong narrative twist to the dungeon crawling genre.


 Lian ‘Wedge’ Xia

Middara already defines what true customization can look like in a board game. Point buy, no class restrictions, and a plethora of combinations allow players to build the fantasy character of their dreams.
 Grim Deacon, Wushu Shifu

Middara gives you control over your character’s abilities and playstyle. You can be a blood-stealing warrior who dual-wields axes and wears robes. Or a platemail-clad wizard, an assassin who uses healing spells, or a summoner who fights back to back with their own summons.

With the addition of new items, disciplines, and higher level tiers, we have pushed this concept of customization to a whole new level. With Act 2 and 3, you will unlock new builds, new gear, and new possibilities for our ever-growing repertoire of options.


 Tragic Boundless, The Ever Watchful

Act 2 features dozens of new Combatants and fierce foes to face down on the battlefield. Each one inhabits its own piece of our world, and is narratively woven into the encounters, tiles, sheets, and story.

Old foes become new through Variations! With Variations, players can expect new AI on existing cards to shake up your game on new playthroughs, as well as future encounters that feature them.

 Kill monsters by setting them on fire! Or get killed by being set on fire!

New Effects, Abilities, and Terrain provide new build opportunities, new threats, and new challenges for friends and foe alike!

Big cards, big loot, I love it!

A brand new Intelligent Card size used for late game encounters that feature more complex AI and smarter Combatants.