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Experience one of the most ambitious RPG board games of all time!

8.7/10 Rating on BGG
2.2k+ Ratings | 700+ Comments | 8.7 Average Rating

"9.8/10 - This game is fantastic."

This game is fantastic. The story is great. I am thoroughly enjoying getting together with my group and playing as these great characters.

"10/10 - Unique ...narrative focus"

The most unique factors are the theme, heavy narrative focus, and open character progression. Bonus points for fast setup/takedown compared to other dungeon crawlers.

"10/10 - ...a treat for connoisseurs."

Chronicles of Middara is a comprehensive game for all lovers of heavy adventure. In fact, nothing you can think of is missing in the box, ranging from a lot of miniatures to a huge flood of cards and a stunning book of stories. ...Chronicles of Middara is a treat for connoisseurs."

"10/10 - it was worth the wait."

I Kickstarted this game and waited years for it, it was worth the wait. The depth of story really pulls you into these characters and the combat system is one my favorites ever.

What is Middara?

Middara is a truly epic and massive fully cooperative, ultra-modern fantasy board game for 1-4 players. With its inspiration deeply rooted in JRPG tactics games, Middara is a unique strategic experience blending over 400 unique illustrations with a narrative that spans the length of four novels worth of content.


New Column New Column

1 Rulebook

1 Adventure Book

1 Crawl Book

1 Diagram Book

1 Bounty Book

17 Sculpted Dice

44 Miniatures

27 Colored Base Clips

40 Standees

14 Clear Standee Stands

36 Double-Sided Tiles

380 Tokens

1 Red Revealer

10 Adventurer Tuckbags


370 Mini Cards

4 Familiars

145 Disciplines

45 Combatant Loot Cards

33 Initiative Cards

90 Upgrades

53 Hidden Cards

101 Large Cards
(5x6 Unique Sized)

4 Adventures

7 Conduit Cards

6 Esper Summons

38 Intelligent Combatants

46 Hidden Cards

2 Tarot Cards

4 Quick Reference Cards

4 Exalted Espers

4 Abraxis Cards

390 Item Cards

(Standard Euro)

309 Store Items

28 Unique Items

25 Monster Loot Cards

28 Hidden Cards

1 Large Hidden Card DeckText

1 Medium Hidden Card Deck

1 Small Hidden Card Deck

Unlike many other dungeon-crawls, Middara doesn’t rely on starting over when an encounter is lost or a bad decision is made. Instead, the story continues, and the story changes.
Real consequences add up, and as you progress through the adventure, the effects of your choices and performance will make meaningful differences both mechanically and thematically.


We take great pride in how our game looks and feels.
For this reason, Middara contains many products that do not add additional gameplay elements.
Examples of this are extra dice, playmats, art books, and token upgrade packs.
We define all expansions that add no game play content as aesthetics and accessories

Stay Sexy.