A darK passenger

Your youth is threatened by a malicious, everlasting parasite.

An ancient, self-proclaimed immortal god promises death to all that you love.

Your family is imperiled by a brewing war against unbeatable ancient rivals.

Everlasting, immortal, unbeatable...

No problem, these are just words.

We'll test their meaning against the sword.

Middara : Act I - Core Game

Experience the most expansive dungeon-crawler board game ever made...

What is Middara?

Middara is a truly epic and massive, fully-cooperative, ultra-modern fantasy
board game for 1-4 players.


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Adventure Book
  • 1 Crawl Book
  • 1 Diagram Book
  • 17 Custom Dice
  • 44 Miniatures
  • 27 Colored Base Clips
  • 40 Standees
  • 36 Double-Sided Tiles
  • 380 Tokens
  • 1 Red Reveal Decoder
  • 10 Adventurer Tuck Bags
  • 101 Large Cards(5x6 Unique Sized)
    7 Conduit Cards
    6 Esper Summons
    38 Intelligent Combatants
    46 Hidden Cards
  • 370 Mini Cards(Mini American)
    4 Familiars
    145 Disciplines
    45 Combatant Loot Cards
    33 Initiative Cards
    90 Upgrades
    53 Hidden Cards
  • 12 Tarot Cards
    4 Quick Reference Cards
    4 Exalted Espers
    4 Abraxis Cards
  • 390 Item Cards (Standard Euro)
    309 Store Items
    28 Unique Items
    25 Monster Loot Cards
    28 Hidden Cards
  • 1 Large Hidden Card Deck
  • 1 Medium Hidden Card Deck
  • 1 Small Hidden Card Deck

With its inspiration deeply rooted in JRPG-tactics games, Middara is a unique
strategic experience that blends hundreds of illustrations with a narrative that spans
the length of four novels-worth of content.

Are you a tabletop completionist? Then through the portal you must go...

Game night, eleVated

Using Unintentional Malum's 500 page Adventure Book, you and your party will navigate your way through Middara’s rich story-driven universe.

Stay on youR Toes

What's around the corner?

Could it be Loot? What if it's a trap? Maybe it's some narrative that will progress the story?

More monsters, more dungeon? All of the above?

While playing Encounters, players will reveal hidden secrets when instructed to do so using the Red Revealer.

No mindless Grinding

None of the 60+ Encounters in Act 1 will ever be played twice.

Whether you win or lose, the story will continue and the story will change.

You may succeed a critical Skill Check in a dazzling spectacle of glory.

Or you may fail it horrendously.

Either way, each outcome will have its own ramifications that will echo throughout your campaign.

Hidden MysterieS

Middara includes 3 Hidden Decks; Large, Medium, and Small.

The cards within these decks will be revealed as you play through the campaign and can contain a myriad ofdifferent things, like boss monsters, new characters to recruit, legendary items, and more.


 Middara : Unintentional Malum Act I comes with 44 high-detail dynamic miniatures.

Need More Minis?

Check out our highdetail resin kit expansions.

Vestalia Resin Kit A

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Vestalia Resin Kit B

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Vestalia Nyx

Sold out

Vestalia Nyx Pinup (Model Only)

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Not for tHe faint of Heart

In true RPG fashion, Middara is meant to be played in 3-4 hour sessions weekly
over the course of 6 to 8 months.

Middara was built and balanced around having 4 players,but our different variants allow
for solo play, two-player, and three-player modes.

A wild & peculiar milieu

 Middara is a one-of-a kind take on fantasy that blends eastern art styles and western culture.

No goblins, no trolls, no orcs. No Gygaxian beastery, blessed may he be.

Instead, Middara is an alternate-world fantasy setting existing alongside our very own Earth.

Glamorize and accessorize... if you so please...

Snag an Art BOOk!

Middara's Art Book has 100 pages of fantastically vibrant, weird and wild artwork from the game's concept to completion.

Art Book Vol. 1

Sold out


to your heart's content

Middara proudly contains no character classes or archetypes, but instead uses a "point-buy" leveling system that allows players to mix and match the hundreds of Items and Disciplines in whichever combination they so desire.

Want to play a stealthy rogue that dual-wields flintlocks, casts blood-magic, and can fly?

Go for it.

How about a healer clad in platemail that carries a scythe, summons espers from another realm, and can manipulate time?

Why not?

Style on your friends with tHese Accessories! 

Art Book Vol. 1

Sold out

Extra Dice

Sold out

Adventurer Tuckbags

Sold out

5x6 Sleeves

Sold out

TabLetop tacticS

Explore deep combat mechanics, JRPG-tactics-style, unlike any other dungeon-crawler you’ve played.



Learn the monsters’ AI, optimize distance and line of sight, position your team for a flank, roll against defense value, and annihilate your enemies to get that tasty loot.

Heavy META

Craft the perfect combination of Disciplines and Items to mitigate bad rolls and amplify damage, cast spells, or support your allies.

SoMetHiNG FoR EVeRyoNe

Speculate, focus, and plan.

Or run into combat, guns-a-blazin, with nothing but a Wooden Plank and a Vitality Juice Box.

Middara is just as fun for the min-maxer as it is for the Leroy Jenkins.


LeVel up!

Players gain XP by completing Encounters. This XP may spent to learn Disciplinesduring Story Rounds.

Disciplines come in 5 Disciplines Trees.

Assemblage, Cruor, Martial, Sanctus, and Subterfuge.


Assemblage is the art of whispering to the things that walk in the realms outside of our own, and dealing with the ancient creatures that were once beyond our imagination.

The Abilities in Assemblage often reflect a jack-of-all-trades mentality. This is because these Abilities are as diverse as the creatures you call upon
to perform them. In the early levels of Assemblage, a player can perform a wide array of Actions, from Gaining extra Actions to granting Positive Effects.


Cruor is risky by nature. Its Abilities can be very powerful, but only if the caster is willing to give a little of themselves. It focuses on the raw power of sacrifice to get the job done.

Cruor grants the Ability to curse your enemies into dust, disease them, ruin them, or liquefy them. Those who follow Cruor can expect to reap great
rewards, but must be careful not to lose themselves in the process.


Martial is the embodiment of physical combat in Middara.

While many Discipline Trees can make Attacks more powerful, Martial makes an Adventurer a combat powerhouse.

Martial can enhance Ranged or Melee Attacks, and a player should consider both in some cases.

Some Weapons like the Kusarigama can be used as both Melee and Ranged, meaning that players can use Abilities that work for either while using this Weapon.


Sanctus boasts a wealth of strong and diverse Abilities.

It can grant magical armor, temporary wings, or allow users to avoid obstacles.

Using Sanctus, players can redirect damage, heal, and even fold reality to teleport themselves or others.

Sanctus can complement any Melee or Ranged play style, but really shines with defenders and support characters.


Subterfugeis the art of the rogue and the assassin.

Most Subterfuge Abilities focus on big damage, but some also maximize defensive potential by allowing players to Dodge, take free Actions, and move without penalty.

It encourages agility and positioning for a more subtle approach, but includes some straight-forward Abilities as well.

tiME to GEar UP

Players gain Gold by completing Quests, defeating monsters, and by finding Loot Chests.

Like XP, Gold may be spent during Story Rounds to purchase Items.

All Gold earned is shared amongst party members.


eNdlEss CoMbinationS

Items come in many different types and tiers and can be combined to create your perfect build! 


 These cards augment an Adventurer’s Combat Dice Pool and are used to make Attacks.


These cards grant Armor to Adventurers and can keep them protected from damage during Encounters.


These magical devices augment an Adventurer’s ability to avoid damage. Cores typically increase an Adventurer’s Defense Value.


 Relics provide many various benefits while equipped.


These cards further augment an Adventurer's Ability to avoid damage but also have unique properties beyond just that.


These Items can be used once before they are discarded.

Taking ActionS

Players take actions using Stamina Points (SP).

Move, Attack, Counter, Dodge, and Empower are just some of the actions that players can take.

Encounters usually contain objects that are interacted with, which can cost SP.

Many Disciplines also require SP to use.

SP is regenerated during the Refresh Phase of each turn.

Dig into tHe ruleS

Our entire Rulebook is free to download here.

Monster Ai

All monsters (or more formally, Combatants) require no intervention from players.

Your only objective is to strategize amongst teammates and outsmart the Combatants' AI.

Don't be afraid to study each 5"x6" Combatant Card before starting your turn.

Modular Map Tiles

Middara : Unintentional Malum - Act I contains 36 double-sided map tiles that are used to created your "dungeons".

Each Encounter Setup in the Adventure Book will instruct you on how to lay out these tiles to begin playing.

Ancient libraries, treacherous cliffsides, dank caverns, and murky swamps are just a few of the landscapes you'll explore.

Custom Dice

There are 17 custom engraved dice included in the game.

These dice are used when taking Actions and making Skill Checks. They are separated by color to denote what dice a player uses when making a roll.

Art Book Vol. 1

Sold out

Extra Dice

Sold out

Adventurer Tuckbags

Sold out

5x6 Sleeves

Sold out


Feel like exploring some of the lore of Middara? Check out the video below.


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