Valentines Bundle

The bound woman glared up, eyes full of hate. “Don't even dare say his name! You didn’t deserve him. If not for your conniving seduction, my son would still be alive, you evil, fu-”

Psyche slapped the words out of Aphrodite's mouth with enough power to send her to the marble floor once again. 

“Your son, Cupid, was cruel and controlling,” Psyche hissed, her placid smirk replaced with a ferocious snarl. 

“Mother!” A young woman with wide eyes and soft features was standing just inside the atrium, watching with open conflict on her face. “Mother, please. Let’s just go.” She stepped forward and held out a hand to Psyche.

The anger melted out of Psyche’s face as she met her daughter’s gaze. She quickly crossed the room and took Voluptas’ hand, following her to the sitting room they shared. Voluptas led Psyche to a divan then sat next beside her, nestling herself into her mother’s shoulder. Psyche ran her fingers through Voluptas’ curls and tried to calm herself before speaking.

“Darling, I know this is hard for you. This whole ordeal with your father and grandmother, it’s just. . .” she faltered. “Well, you lived through that hell too. But now, we have an eternity of freedom ahead of us. Cupid can’t hurt us anymore and Venus will receive her due.”