Institute of Elenia Resin Kit

Making the Grade

Education serves an important role in the world of Middara. One foot through the portal, and your body’s different, you might have crazy new powers, and all the animals want to kill you. The Kingdom of Elenia, where Unintentional Malum takes place, has an Institute system in place to educate new arrivals, so they can become productive members of society instead of greasy red stains on the wall.

Everyone has to make it through the Institute, including the heroes of our story. We see only a brief snapshot of this moment at the beginning of UM:1. Now we’ve created some awesome minis and items to explore the Institute with a little more depth.

This limited resin kit expansion includes:

5 highly detailed resin miniatures of Nightingale, Remi, Rook, Zeke and Nyx.

These miniatures may be used as alternate sculpts for their corresponding figures in Middara: Unintentional Malum - Act I

All characters include full color initiative cards, adventurer cards, art cards, and 9 new items for use in your games of Middara.

These models come unassembled and unpainted. 

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