Lupercalia 2023 - Debauchery and Legends

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Through decadence and debauchery these lustful figures can be called from the depths of Earth’s history.

Espers made manifest only through esoteric quiet whispers shared amongst the elite.

This Bundle contains the entirety of our Lupercalia 2023 Resin Kit Sets in one immaculate bundle.

This includes miniatures for The Kreshka - Apollyon of Vanity, The Dark Mother Aspect, Somoe - Deep Sea Naiad, and The Erotes.

This Bundle also includes:

  • 50mm bases x 2
  • 25mm bases x 3
  • Loyal Esper Cards x 5
  • Opposing Esper Cards x 5
  • Item Cards x 8
  • Initiative Cards x 10
  • Ability card x 1
  • Art cards x 5 

These models come unassembled and unpainted.

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