Adventurer Tuckbags

These bags were once relegated to the realms of Boardgame Geek. Exclusives that were held out of reach from us mortals

Now, you too can get swagged up with these oversized official Tuck Bags.

This set contains ten Tuck Bags that depict a variety of characters from Unintentional Malum. They’re large size allows you to store your Items, Disciplines, Espers, and Adventurer's between sessions without worry of losing them or destroying them.

Style on your friends, use tuck bags.

"My favorite dungeon crawler. Love the classless system. Definitely THE dungeon crawler game for the Anime and JRPG fan."

"This is the most narrative I've ever seen in an RPG-Board game...I really enjoy the dice-centric version here. It's fun, tactical, and boy-oh-boy are there nearly limitless ways to customize your characters!"

"Incredible story. great balance of control and chance in combat. dungeon crawler legacy done v v well"