Nine Levels of Dark Divinity - Incense

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The Scent of Something Cloyingly Lurid

Sweet decadence and savory debauchery mists through a dark chamber lit with eerie red light. A large ornate basin shines in brilliant opulence, its liquid letting off a sweet musk laced with undertones of something ancient and resin.

The pool's luster is betrayed by its blasphemous contents. A woman’s nude form is only made decent by steam that hits you with amber and vanilla. Sinister red ichor runs down her wet supple form until it reaches into the abyss she bathes in.

The aphotic creature beckoned to you, urging you to join her in the madness. The demoness has a voice as sweet as honey. She tells you that you could have it all, if you only gave her one thing… 

  • Ancient Resin & Desperation 
  • Dark Amber
  • Vanilla