Lo-fi Nightingale Resin Kit Expansion

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A resin kit to relax / study to.

This kit is part of our promotion with the amazing Forteller Games!

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Leaving behind your life isn’t easy. Getting transformed into something strange by the Advancement is even harder. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a step back, a deep breath, and searching for the familiar.

The Lofi Nightingale resin kit depicts such a moment, with the youngest princess of Elenia finally taking a moment to relax. Maybe she’s just discovered the incredible diversity of Middara’s music. Maybe she just needs a few seconds to breathe.

This product contains one highly detailed resin miniature of Lo-fi Nightingale.

Included with this product is 1 large card, 1 art card, 2 item cards, and 1 mini card to add Lofi Nightingale to your games of Middara.

This model comes unassembled and unpainted.

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