Day 21: Soul Butcher Boss, Carnivorous Fowl, and Sardonic Vultures!

July 14, 2019 4 min read

Hey backers. Alex here.

My alter ego, Zeke.
My alter ego, Zeke.

We don't have any real news today, we just want to say that we appreciate all of you guys. We're having a really fun time putting this campaign together for you. We hope you've enjoyed it so far.

Brooklynn and I have been able to spend the last couple of days getting ahead of the updates as far as art assets, links, narrative, and other content.

Because of this, you may have noticed that we've been in the comment section a lot more this weekend. 

We plan on being more involved in the real time comments from this point forward. We can't thank our collaborators enough for their hard work in keeping the comment section running smoothly.

Also, we're committed to sticking to our deadlines and we'll have a nice update regarding the 1.1 Update Pack for you all tomorrow.

Now, to the unlock!

Daedalus rose above other soul butchers. He was fierce and vicious, even as soul butchers go, and none defied him. He silenced any dissenters when he killed and ate Grotus the Vast after Grotus challenged his superiority. While soul butchers are violent and voracious, they’re intelligent, and do have a culture, and while cannibalism isn't unheard of, it definitely made a statement.

Daedalus led a fearsome group of soul butchers that marauded around the lands of Greyhaven. After a successful raid, they would retreat to the Eerie with their spoils. They were feared and fearless, until the day that Ida and Lo Jeong sealed the Eerie, and their lair.

Unwittingly trapped underground, they had to forge a new way of life. Luckily for Daedalus, there were plenty of other creatures who were also stuck there.

The soul butchers would not go hungry.

When the shadow lord made his domain among the Eerie, Daedalus was not pleased. He confronted the shadow lord, who wasted no time establishing its dominance by ripping the massive tongue from Daedalus' gaping maw. Rather than simply killing him, however, the shadow lord accepted him as a servant. He knew of the soul butchers' appetites. They would bring many more souls to him if allowed to live.

To hide his shame, Daedalus fashioned a huge suit of armor that hid his mouth from the other soul butchers. He only removes his armor in private now, and when he eats, it is in solitude. None of the other soul butchers have dared to question his reclusive behavior, at least not yet. For the time being, he continues to lead the soul butchers of the Eerie, making the most of his forced imprisonment, slaying and devouring the weaker creatures they now shared their home with.

Despite his misfortune, Daedalus is rather content with his new way of life. He still fears the shadow lord, but it rarely interferes with his activities, and on occasion actually provides him with prey. In exchange, the shadow lord adds his victims' souls to his ever-growing collection.

What's wrong with this dude??
What's wrong with this dude??

For our Day 21 unlock, we will be adding a 2x2 miniature to the KS2 Promo Box. Daedalus is featured in Unintentional Malum: Act 1. 

To be clear, this miniature is part of the KS2 Promo Box and is being given away for free as part of every pledge level at the "Through the Portal" level or higher. 

The cardboard standee version that is already a part of the contents of Unintentional Malum: Act 1 will remain a standee. 

No telling what she’ll be able to do to us if she gets her hands on objects connected to us. It’s not like she needs our random crap. Nyx shook her head confidently. “I don’t like those terms. Now, uh… how about you just get out of the way. We’ve killed one of you, we can stop you too if we have to.”

Their items dropped roughly out of her magic. Nyx caught hers carefully, slipping it away before harm could come to something so important to her.

“I don’t believe you.” Girtiya retreated a few steps, expression dark. She began circling like a predator, both hands extended into claws. But she didn’t lurch forward to attack right away. “We share the blood of a Goddess. Her heartbeat moves us to the revel. Laws that bind you can’t contain us.” Then she froze, her eyes settling on Pocky. They grew suddenly wider, and she stumbled back as though she’d just been struck. “They carry Katya’s spirit with them,” she said, her voice commanding. “We must kill the animal and free her.”

“She will join the Mother,” said the nearest of her servants, his voice intense. Several others whispered after him, repeating. “With the Mother.”

“You’re fools, intruders! You’re giving up a life of bliss in the Mother’s presence! Her pleasures would teach you to know yourself, as they taught me! You sacrifice your lives over nothing! Listen, I know you can hear it. Feel its embrace enfold you!”

Christopher twisted to one side, settling the flat of his massive blade against his shoulder. “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

Girtiya laughed madly, lifting her arms. The space around them changed, broken wood melting into crushed stone. A different ceiling rose above them, with crumbling wooden racks around the walls. Racks weighed down with ancient weapons too large for humans to easily use. “They’ve chosen death! Wake from an eternity of senseless hedonism, and taste blood instead! Protect the Mother’s temple!”

They moved. Many of these men seemed unsteady on their feet, but still they moved. But they were strong, strong enough to lift even the oversized weapons without much difficulty.

Ai straightened her hat, pulling on her gauntlets one at a time. Beside her, Pocky’s horn cracked and sparked, filling the air with the harsh stench of ozone. “I hope you’re going to help, Nyx. Show us just how great esper-summoning is.”

Nyx gritted her teeth, slamming her staff into the ground with all her might. She hadn’t completely recovered since the day before, but she wouldn’t have come without some magic. “Something dangerous,” she repeated. “Maybe a lot of somethings.” Maybe she could even the odds…

Two different and strange creatures reached out...

Who does Nyx summon to help her defeat the witch? 

The Carnivorous Fowl, a flock of deadly bird-like monstrosities with a taste for blood. 

 Or, A group of vile Sardonic Vultures! 

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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