Wave 1 + 2 Preorder

March 21, 2022 1 min read

What will be available for preorder?


  • Middara: Act 1 (fully updated 1.2 version)
  • KS1 Promo Pack
  • Art Book 1
  • Playmats
  • Extra Dice
  • 5x6 Sleeves


  • Middara Unintentional Malum Acts 2 + 3
  • Trail of a Princess
  • Cave Sickle Queen
  • The Pit Boss
  • The Collector
  • Pirates of Elenia
  • Vile Variations Pack
  • Art Book 2
  • Silvia Day 1 Miniature
  • KS2 Promo Pack

To learn more about each product, check out our latest Kickstarter:


We'll also have some new cool stuff we've been waiting to release. these will be announced later.

We're also working on creative ways to offer the updated 1.2 materials to all backers of our last KS campaign.

Where will all these items be available?

Our goal is to offer them via our Backerkit pledge manager. We will provide links to everyone when the time comes.

When will these pre-order be delivered?

We will likely deliver Wave 1 items first, hopefully by August / September 2022.

For Wave 2, our target delivery date is Christmas 2022.

More news to come!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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