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A Very Middara Christmas

December 18, 2020 2 min read

Bonjour! Guten Tag! Buenos dias! Ciao!

Well, hello there. Alex here. 

Happy holidays to you!

The games are moving, baby! Wave 1 is done! Everything is assembled and headed to a town near you! We're looking at about 4-6 weeks of sea travel, another week(ish) at the ports, and then fulfillment will commence!

February here we come!

Kajax will personally be delivering all of your games


More good news, the translation Adventure Book PDFs in their entirety for German, French, and Spanish  are now available for download on our website!

We're currently looking into translation costs for the remainder of the game (cards, books, etc.) to see where we can take this.

Italian translations are moving right along and we will continue to post updates on its progress.

Wave 1 Availability?

We have a lot of questions from people asking about purchasing Middara or adding more to their order. Since we are so close to shipping, we can't sell anything more at the moment.

...But, we have been renovating our website. Come February, we will be moving to a Shopify format and the plan is to begin selling everything from Wave 1 directly from our website at succubuspublishing.com.

This is a new business model for us and we are excited to see how this goes. To date, we've only sold things through Kickstarter / pre-order format. It will be interesting to begin selling games and have them ship out right away instead of years later!

Currently, we are set up with post-campaign fulfillment warehouses in the USA and Germany. This means that all EU customers purchasing items after-the-fact will not be hit with any customs fees.

As for the UK... well, just like everyone else, we're trying to figure this out.

Of course, we will ship worldwide from our webstore, but shipping costs will obviously vary depending on where you are from.

As always, thanks for all the support, it's difficult to express to you how much we appreciate it.

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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