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Day 8: Something from the forest, no more disembodied torsos, templates, and a Feathered Heirloom!

February 25, 2021 2 min read

No more disembodied torso!

Normally I'd say that the people have spoken! Alas, the artist of our wonderful Frock approached me at the convention we were at over the weekend and shared his own distaste for the off putting skin on the artwork. He promised to fix it, to make it better, stronger, skinless...

Today he delivered in record time. 

Our skinless Frock!
Our skinless Frock!

Gasp! Templates. 

Our wonderful Graphic Designer has been working on providing some simple-ish templates for our community to create their own content. The first of many card sizes has been completed. So we thought we'd show off the 5x6 template for our game. 

These files are in PSD format and require Photoshop and some basic Photoshop skills to use. As we upload more and more of these templates to our website we'll be sure to let everyone know. 

You can check them out here

Let us know if there is anything missing and we'll do what we can to fix it as soon as possible. 

Breeze hid in the forest canopy as bedlam unfolded beneath. Her village was in shambles. Alana and her wurm were wreaking havoc, killing or capturing her sisters. The Wood Nymphs weren't fighters, and it showed as Alana moved unopposed, cutting down or capturing anyone she could get to. 

How could she have been so blind. She should have known that Alana would come for revenge. When the elders found out that Alana planned to fuse her essence with a wurm, they imprisoned her. She would have died in her cell, but she had already gone farther than the nymphs had imagined. She was able to summon her wurm to help her escape, and then disappeared into the swamps. 

Breeze still couldn't believe that Alana was capable of such atrocities. It wasn't the Alana she knew, not any more. Now, she was Alana the lich wurm. Her fellow sister was lost to her. When Alana returned for vengeance, it took the whole village by surprise. The elders were the first to fall, and without their powerful magic, the rest were soon to follow.

Luckily for Breeze, she was already in the tree tops when Alana arrived. She desperately wanted to help her sisters, but it was too dangerous. She watched in horror as Alana dragged away those that she didn’t eat immediately. They were mostly young ones, and she rounded them up in a thick net as they cowered away from her. Once all of her sisters were either dead or captured, Alana turned and left, riding atop her wurm. 

High above her ruined home, Breeze was devastated. She knew she had to do something, so she departed, following her corrupted sister back to where they first found her taming the wurm. 

The choice has been made...

An elegant black Feathered Pen was used in some uncouth crimes. 

Nyx Gains the Unique Uncommon Weapon Transcendent Feathered Pen

(And so do you as a Free Upgrade to the KS2 Promo Box!)

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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