The Wave 1 Home Stretch

May 03, 2021 2 min read

Well, hello there. Alex here.

I've got some news...

I almost can't believe it... but... The US Wave 1 fulfillment will be starting tomorrow!

We've been trying since November of last year and it's finally happening.

This also includes the rest of North America, South America, and a few other random regions around the world, like Israel for some reason?

Basically, if you're still waiting for your rewards for Wave 1, you should be getting a notification very soon.

Asian fulfillment has also started and will be completed by mid-May.

Once fulfillment is complete, all the webstore orders will begin shipping immediately!

If you placed an order there, we appreciate your patience while we get the Kickstarter fulfilled first.

The launch of the store was a phenomenal success and we are so stoked on this fantastic community we've built together.


For replacements or other order issues, please save my inbox and email! They will be happy to help you with this.

Some FAQ I've been getting a lot:

Can new people gain access to the pledge manager for Wave 2?

Yes, we will be reopening the pledge manager and doing pre-orders on everything from Wave 2 once we get closer to the delivery of those items. Anyone will be able to get in. This will most likely happen Q4 of this year.

Will the Valentine's Resin Kits be on the Wave 2 pledge manager?

Most likely, yes.

When will web store orders ship?

Web orders will ship immediately following Kickstarter fulfillment. I'd estimate about two weeks from now, could be sooner.

Pirates / 1.1 Update Pack?

The rest of Pirates of Elenia will be included in the second half of the 1.1 Update Pack delivered with Wave 2.

Where is the audiobook?

You can find the Audiobook for free on Forteller here.

The Resin models aren’t in the boxes?!

It's weird, but logistically it was more affordable for us to pack the boxes separate from the models. The KS Resin Kit models will be in a separate box from the resin model boxes. Please make sure to check your entire parcel for the resin models!

Where is the Italian Adventure Book translation?

Right now the narrative is complete and is being proofread. After that, we will move to paging. ETA is mid-June 2021.

When can I get the Broken Token insert?

ETA is June 2021.

What's up with the Etched Dice?

These dice are cursed. But we are going to make sure backers of the first campaign get them replaced. There was a mix-up with the spreadsheet sent to the EU and UK. We're working on it.

Community Stuff

If you play the game and love it (or hate it), or have questions, give us feedback on BGG!

Also, feel free to join our Discord channel! It's been popping off lately!

I hope you have an excellent week, and stay sexy!

Alex Hansen
Alex Hansen

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